Back to School Blues

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Am I the only one that gets anxiety when I start seeing all these back to school ads?  I know that there are a lot of parents that can't wait for school to start again.  Believe me, I felt that way by the end of June.  (Yes, June.  Don't judge me!  Lol!)  But, with the school year quickly approaching, I feel like I didn't get enough time this summer to just chill with the kids and hubby.  I felt like I was just spinning here and there with a bunch of chir-ren (yes, I know it's children, but I've got FOUR now so I'm saying chir-ren).

What also gets me down is how much we spend every year in uniforms. We just did our uniform shopping and our bill was almost $500.    My eldest just keeps outgrowing everything each year so he needed the entire daily uniform, plus the gym uniform. My second son, thankfully, can wear some of his brother's hand-me-downs.  But, what gets me is that the prices for these uniforms keep creeping up.  Last time, I spent this much money I believe I was able to get two complete sets of the uniforms for both of my kids.  This year, the price tag only included one entire set for my eldest son and 4 pants and 4 shirts for my second son.  What's even more ridiculous is that this price did not include the white winter uniform shirts because the store claimed that the school no longer requires a winter uniform.  So, did the store increase the overall price of the uniform pieces to compensate for the loss of sales from the winter uniform? I need to invest in these uniform shops that service private schools because clearly they are winning.

While I'm venting, I may as well talk about how disappointed I am that my kids will be returning to this school.  All the good schools around us have a waiting list.  So, we are still praying and waiting to see whether a spot opens up.  But, until then, my kids will be returning to their current school.  The school isn't terrible, but it could be so much better.  The turnover rate for principals and teachers is way too high. I'm not even sure why it's acceptable.  I have always been involved in my kids' education, but sometimes I feel like some of the teachers are a bit lazy and unorganized when it comes to grading and giving assignments.  So, basically, they try to give everyone the same grade, even though they haven't given any assignments or tests that warrant the grade.  Because my kids are honor students,  I feel like their teachers don't think it's necessary for me to meet with them to discuss their academics.  But, I feel like if the highest grade is 100 and my child gets a 95, then we should discuss how he can do better next time.  At least, that's how I was raised.  If I'm paying all of this  tuition in the name of academic excellence, then my children need to pursue that goal at all times.  I don't understand why their teachers feel that anything less than the highest grade is acceptable for any child.  Don't they want everyone in their class to work towards attaining the highest grade?   

It's not all of the teachers there though.  There are two that are definitely guilty of this.  They will assign the students to search for videos on youtube to learn concepts they don't want to teach in class.  This is a pet peeve of mine because these two teachers don't even search for the video themselves to make sure it's age appropriate and accurate.  They just leave it up to the students.  I also feel that they are biased towards the female students.  Last year, there were a couple of times where there were girls only trips, science fairs, parties, etc.  But, the same opportunities were not given to the boys.  I know times are rough, and I wouldn't want anyone to lose their job.  So, rather than point fingers, I was secretly hoping that they would be removed this school year.  But, it appears they will still be teaching there.

Last year, I admit I let things slide because I just had the twins, my recovery wasn't going well, and then I had surgery.  Plus, I was hopeful that this would be the year we would be able to finally get my older kids out of this school.  But, now, I'm going to have to speak up and make sure these two teachers stay on top of things and do their jobs.  We have yet another new principal this year so hopefully I can share my concerns with him or her and it will be well-received or acted upon.  I'm really not looking forward to this though, because these two specific teachers have been able to get away with this behavior way before my kids ever had them as teachers.  I had no clue beforehand this was how they taught their classrooms.  Speaking to a former principal, I learned that they have intimidated their co-workers and even a principal or three into quitting.  Luckily, I don't get intimidated by anyone.  But, I'm still not looking forward to this school year.

Is anyone else having the back to school clues?  Comment below.

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