Why I Have No Plans To "Go Back To Work" - Part 2

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If you haven't already, read Part 1.

My son was still too young for daycare when "Gwen" began her complaints.  He hadn't even had his 2 month vaccinations at this time so no daycare would accept him.  I was still adapting to being a first time mother working from home and trying to heal from a natural birth.  But, I didn't want to lose my job or make a bad impression.  I was working for a small law firm owned by one of those attorneys you see with the corny advertising on tv.  So, I was basically starting from the bottom and trying to work my way up.  There were many things wrong with this firm and I could probably write a zillion posts about it.  But, I'll do that another time.  For now, you just need to know that this was a jacked up place to work.  

One day, I got called into the supervising attorney's office.  He seemed upset and I thought I was in trouble for something, but I had no clue what I could have done.  It turns out that the HR person got into a fight with our boss about a pay raise she had been promised.  This happened on a day I wasn't in the office.  The HR person revealed that she was working under the table to help our boss with issues unrelated to the law firm.  For example, she would hire prostitutes for him, lie to his wife about his whereabouts, buy his wife gifts and say they were from him, field calls from his multiple properties in a low-income neighborhood in another state where he was a known slumlord, create leases for him and schedule showings, etc.  During their fight, which was causing a scene, she revealed everyone's starting salaries, raises, bonuses, and current salaries and accused our boss of being racist, sexist, and anti-semitic.  She quit that same day, but not before she gave everyone printouts of what she was saying as proof. 
My boss would say things like "I hate Jews" on a regular basis.  But, I just assumed he was kidding because he is Jewish.  As for being sexist or racist, I never personally experienced anything overtly negative from him in that aspect that would lead me to say that.  But, the supervising attorney felt that the accusations were true.  That's why he called me in his office because he wanted me to know what was going on.  To contain the information that the HR person leaked, my boss tried to collect as many printouts as he could.  So, since I wasn't there on the day of the fight, my printout was removed from my desk.  

The supervising attorney had worked at the firm longer than any of the attorneys there, except my boss and his partner.  The hiring attorney was born in America, but his father was white German and his mother was Chinese.  He looked nothing like his father and was definitely his mother's child.  The other attorneys were all white men.  And then there was me.  While I was on maternity leave working from home, a legal intern had been hired to help "Gwen" since she claimed she now needed an assistant.  Gwen was not an attorney and was actually an assistant herself.   

Anyway, the supervising attorney showed me the printout of everyone's salaries.  He directed my attention to how much I was being paid.  It revealed that I was being paid less than the legal intern that just started working there by a whopping $15,000.  Dafuq!?!  On top of that,  my supervisor was the lowest paid attorney.  There was a significant difference in his starting salary versus the starting salaries of the other attorneys.  I can't remember exactly what it was, but I think it was an almost $40,000 difference. Oh, and Gwen was making more than the boss's partner.  Needless to say, we were pissed, and I looked at our boss in a totally different light.  My supervisor was already looking for a new job and suggested that I do the same.  
On the day that I gave notice that I was quitting, a government agency was raiding the firm.  I believe that the HR person must have given them some tips.  Anyway, my boss was pre-occupied so he never really asked me why I was leaving and I didn't offer.  He just asked me if there was anything he could do to make me stay.  I wanted to scream give me equal pay, bastard, but I didn't want to burn bridges.  Besides, I didn't want to work for him anymore. 

I ended up working for a real estate firm Monday to Friday from 8:00 - 4:00.  By then, my son was old enough to go to daycare.  My hubby was working outside of the home as well, but he worked later than I did so I picked up my son from daycare.  One day, when I arrived at the center after work, the owner approached me and said that my baby had a high temperature.  I asked her how long had he been feverish and she claimed that it just started.  This was later proven to be a lie.  So, she took his temperature again for me and it was 103.  So, I rushed him to his doctor's office.  He had caught a cold because another parent had allowed their sick child to come to daycare.  This daycare charged hourly per day, so instead of calling me when he initially got sick they just waited for me to pick him up.  I put this together when he went to the dentist for the first time years later.  The dentist said his teeth were very weak and soft.  The dentist then wanted to know whether he ever had a really high fever when he was a baby because prolonged high fevers in babies can damage both baby and adult teeth.  My son will need veneers once all of his adult teeth come in.  And, as a matter of fact, next week he's having a procedure to remove part of a baby tooth that broke in his gums and is blocking an adult tooth.  This all stems from that one fever at that blasted daycare.  It only takes one time of having a prolonged high fever for the teeth to become soft and weak.   To this day, I feel so guilty about putting him in daycare.  

I kept him at that center because at the time I didn't know they had lied about how long he had the fever.  Plus, the parent that let their sick child come to daycare was to blame.  However, what made me take him out of that center was the one time that I arrived to pick him up and there were no employees there.  All of the workers were missing.  The babies and kids seemed to be okay.  Since they were alone, I waited  to see whether someone would come in.  A man walked in from outside, and I told him that nobody was there.  I assumed he was a parent, but he wasn't.  He was related to the owner and she asked him to do her a favor and watch the kids.  Dafuq!?!  The daycare center was on the first floor of an office building and one of the security guards for the complex was celebrating his birthday so all the workers went to the celebration.  He said they had been gone for most of the day and wouldn't come back so he just decided to leave.  That was it for me.  Anyone could have walked in and snatched one of those kids.  So, as other parents were walking in, I told them what happened.  The owner finally came back and threatened to call the police on me and the other parents for "trespassing," and I threatened to file a lawsuit for child endangerment and false reporting.  It was an ugly scene, but no one was arrested.  My son didn't go back to the center after that day.  
So, we found another center that had less children.  I felt that my child would get more attention.  Well, the daycare worker turned out to be clueless.  My son started rejecting his bottle and we couldn't understand why.  Finally, we found out that the worker had been microwaving the breastmilk.  I thought everyone knew the proper way to warm up a baby bottle, which is either in hot water or in a warmer.  Microwaving the breastmilk heated the milk unevenly.  So, my baby was getting scalded by it, and he became scared of the bottle.  I caught the worker getting his bottle out of the microwave when I came to pick him up one day so I asked her about it, and she told me what she had been doing.  Then, the worker decided to have her boyfriend hang out with her all day at the center.  He was a smoker and refused to go outside to have his smoke.  I didn't know this initially.  When I walked into the center, it always smelled like air freshener.  I guess she was trying to cover it up.  But, once I got my son home, his belongings smelled like smoke.  She tried to deny it when I questioned her about it.  While I was talking to her, a cat ran across my foot.  I didn't even know she had a cat at the center.  She said it was there as a pet for the kids.  

Um, yeah, it was time to find another daycare center.  But, that wasn't even necessary because I got laid off from the real estate company.  So, I started helping people with a few issues here and there.  I liked working from home so I thought about starting my own business.  

Part 3 is on the way folks!

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