Let's Baptize Dem Babies

6:49:00 PM

"Hey, what are you doing in my crib?!?"
June is always such a busy month for our family.  We have our anniversary, two birthdays, and the end of the school year to celebrate.  Now, we've added the twins' baptism to the mix.  The twins are 8 months old now.  Time is flying!  We wanted to do the baptism earlier, but with my hernia and spine issues, we put it off for a bit.   I know a lot of people prefer baptizing babies when they're much younger.  I was reminded of this by an older family member. (*insert side eye and tongue biting - gotta respect the elders, gotta respect the elders...)  Well, technically, Jesus was fully grown when he got baptized so I think the twins will be fine.

Anyway, I found their baptismal outfits online.  My son wore a Lauren Madison Baby Boy Vestie Set.  It was a shorts set, which I wasn't thrilled about.  But, I really like the detailing of the crosses on the vest.  Luckily, it was warm enough for the shorts set, or I would have been screwed.  I ordered a size 9 -12 months, but the hat was too small.

He also wore the matching Lauren Madison shoes.  The shoes have an embroidered cross on the toe to match the vest.

As for my daughter, she wore a Lauren Madison Baptism gown.  It's even more gorgeous in person.

The gown comes with a headband, but I didn't like it because it looked like a garter belt to me.  So, I bought a separate Roewell Crystal Flower headband to go with the pearl rosette design on the dress.  It comes with 5 headbands in red, blue, pink, purple, and white.  I really only needed the white, but the price was good for all 5.
I couldn't find white shoes in my daughter's size, so she just wore these Baptism socks by TipTop.  Her dress was so long that no one even noticed she wasn't wearing shoes.  The socks themselves have a lace ruffle with an embroidered cross.
After the baptism, we took a spontaneous trip to Bird-in-Hand for dinner.  It was about an hour's drive away, but it was worth it.  I couldn't eat too much because I'm still healing from my surgery.  But, the little that I did have was delicious as usual.  Next time, I'll actually take pics of the food and restaurant instead of stuffing my face.  Lol!

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