5 Weeks Update On My Diastasis Recti & Hernia Surgery

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My Compression Garment that I wear 24/7.

I'm slowly making progress. I'm no longer wearing the hospital binder.  I now wear a compression garment that I have a love/hate relationship with.  It allows me to stand up straighter and is also crotchless, which is perfect for bathroom trips. It's not completely uncomfortable and for these reasons I love it.  HOWEVER, sleeping in the garment is where the hate comes in.  You can't convince me that there isn't a boa constrictor wrapped around me chomping on my butt cheeks when the twins wake me up in the middle of the night. I guess my body swells while I'm asleep.  Basically, the garment compresses around the area of booty that is exposed in the crotchless area and smooshes it until it swells.  It is rather cartoonish in nature.  

My stomach under my belly button to my mons pubis is extremely hard like a rock. There is no give to it whatsoever. I am standing somewhat straighter but not fully erect. I had some concerns about my left hip and thigh because I was having difficulty moving it and it was also very swollen.   Yay! I still have some tightness in it, but I can move it.  But, those issues have resolved.  I've begun massaging my incision with cocoa butter and Bio-Oil.

I had my 4 week appointment with my surgeon last week.  My stomach was really swollen, and my incision started bleeding in a small area.  He said it was old blood that was finding a way out of my body.  So, he opened the incision and drained out as much of the old blood as he could. He said I also had a "bubble of blood" under the skin so he popped it for me. I'm still numb so it didn't hurt at all. The incision is less than a 1/4" wide.  It's been a week, and it's still bleeding. I don't mind because I'd rather this "old blood" get out of my body than stay inside. Also, I noticed that my swelling has decreased somewhat. My stomach is still very hard to the touch from my belly button to the top of my vaginal area. My doctor says I'm still very swollen but massaging will help to loosen the hardness over time. 

My mother went back to work. These grandmothers now-a-days with their working and volunteering for good causes. How dare she leave me to raise my own children on my own? LOL! Just kidding! But, it was good to have her help for five weeks. My twins are now 7 months old. I lifted them - one at a time, of course - for the first time yesterday, and I definitely felt it in my stomach.  I also pick up my older boys from school in the afternoon and lifting the twins when they're in the car seat hurts really badly. The twins weigh 16 and 17 pounds now. The car seat by itself doesn't weigh that much. But, you pop a baby in one of those things and it feels like you're lifting 50+ pounds.

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