Twin B Is No Longer Breeched!

2:35:00 PM

I just got back from my OB's office. I've been a bit crampy today and now I know why. I am 2cm dilated!!!! I also had an ultrasound and Twin B is head down with his sister WOOHOO!!!!!! So, my OB is leaning towards inducing me instead, if that will even be necessary, since I'm already dilated. She wants to see the results from my ultrasound and non-stress tests tomorrow before she decides when exactly the induction will occur. She wants them to check my amniotic fluids and the position of Twin B. She's keeping my c-section time open for now to see if she can induce me at that time or earlier. Or, she may have me come in on Wednesday night to get induced just to be on the safe side so that Twin B doesn't flip. I'm uber-excited, because last night while I couldn't sleep I prayed that he would flip and I would give birth naturally, but if that's not the case I would accept whatever God wants so I'm leaving it in His hands. And look at that! Twin B has flipped and I'm dilating. I'm so excited!!!! I haven't told the hubby yet, and we would like to surprise our boys. But, hubby will be home soon and I'll tell him all the good news. 

The nursery is pretty much put together. There's a package on the porch, which I believe is the dresser we were waiting for. Hubby will probably put it up tonight and then we'll put away the clothes and have everything set.

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