The First Week After My Diastasis Recti & Hernia Surgery

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Waiting on a bowel movement like...
This week was really tough for me. I'm super sore, swollen, and CONSTIPATED. I still have on the binder I had on from the hospital. I've visited my surgeon twice this week to get my drains removed. The pain under my right rib was definitely due to the drain on that side because once it was removed the stabbing pain went away. Having the drains removed was painless. My stomach is still numb from the injections that my surgeon gave me during surgery.  So, I really didn't feel the removal.  I got measured for a compression garment that I have to wear 24/7, except when I shower.  I'll get that in the mail soon.  I still haven't had a bowel movement.  Since I have ulcerative colitis, it's hard for me to get the urge to go when I'm not flaring. When I'm flaring, you can't stop me from having bowel movements. Lol! It's a crazy illness. My surgeon originally recommended taking Surgilax once a day at night time.  Still, nothing has happened. So, he recommended taking it twice a day.  So, hopefully this works and soon!
One of the drains.
Other than those two appointments, I haven't left my house. I only get out of bed for bathroom trips with the help of my hubby. It's still very difficult to stand up and walk on my own. I'm pretty winded on the trip back from the bathroom. I keep getting dizzy each time. I've fainted a couple of times this week.  Each time I'd wake up leaning into my hubby's chest with my head down and he was holding me up under my arms and telling me to wake up. He didn't want to grab my waist or try to pick me up and do any damage. Gradually, the feeling came back into my legs and I was able to hobble with him back to my bed.

I managed to take a shower with his help, of course,  He bought me a shower stool because there was no way I could stand for that long.  My doctor doesn't want me to put anything on the incision yet.  I can only put vaseline on my belly button.

I was a bit emotional this week.  I can't lift my twins for a few weeks.  So, it's hard to not be able to pick them up when they cry.  Even when I work from home, I usually am holding one of them rocking them to sleep while I use the dictation program on my computer.  I just miss their warm little bodies.  My daughter really wanted me to hold her and was trying to reach for me, when my mom was holding her close to me so I could give her a kiss.  It made me feel guilty that she was crying because mommy won't pick her up.  I think the earliest I can hold my twins is at 6 weeks.  I'm counting down the days.    

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