I'll Take A Vaginal Delivery For $200, Alex

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I'm in bed today. Yesterday, I spent most of the day with the kids helping me to get this place organized. I couldn't wait on my husband's “this weekend” or “tomorrow, I promise” anymore. The condition of the place was seriously getting to me. There were boxes and bins that he needed to take out to the garage, since they've been unpacked for a while that he just left scattered throughout the house. Then, he started moving some of them to the basement, in addition to stuff he packed from the old apartment and brought over but never bothered to unpack them or go through them. So, the basement was starting to look like a pig sty. So, yesterday, we moved the remaining boxes and bins into the basement and organized everything into trash piles, items for the garage, and items for the basement. Hopefully, he gets this done before this weekend. I can't complain too much though, because he did assemble a nightstand for our room. He just has one more to do and then hang our mirror. I just want everything in its place before the twins come. That way if I need anything I can direct my hubby and kids to it, instead of having to search through stuff. 

Speaking of the twins coming, October 1 is the date. When I last spoke with my OB, we talked about the c-section and being induced. I explained to her my concerns about the c-section and how it just didn't resemble child birth at all to me. I know there's a lot of people that say having a c-section is child birth. But, when people have surgery to remove an ovarian cyst or their ovaries, etc., they don't say that they've just given birth to that cyst or ovary. You're not really a participant at all. You're just laying on a table being sliced open and having your children removed from you. I watched a video on youtube of a c-section being performed for twins and it just didn't sit well with me. The babies seemed traumatized and the mother didn't even get to see her babies before they were whisked away. She could hear one of them crying, but the other one didn't or couldn't cry. When the second twin came out, one of the surgeons didn't have a good grip on the baby and the baby's head was in a pool of blood in the open cavity. So, when they got him/her out, it seemed like the baby was gasping for air. Like, wtf? They kept aspirating him and even when they turned him on his side, he was spewing out a lot of fluids. It was crazy to me!  Take a look:

I can only pray that I can give birth naturally and safely. I know there are risks with natural child birth as well, but it just seems like the better route to go to me, even though it is painful at first.  My bile acids levels have dropped since I'm on the Ursodiol, but she still wants to keep October 1 as the date since the illness is still there. She did an ultrasound to see whether Twin B had turned yet. I got my hopes up because at first it looked like he was head down, but he actually wasn't. But, the doctor said there's still time for him to turn if that's what he decides to do. I leave it in God's hands though at this point. I really don't want a c-section, but I want my babies to be safe and healthy. 

Most of the nursery items are here except for the dressers and the sofa. The pope is arriving in Philly soon. I really hope this doesn't interrupt my deliveries because we need everything in place by next week Thursday.

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