He's Nesting

1:57:00 PM

Jesus, take the wheel. My hubby is on a nesting kick this weekend. He got up early this morning to finally do the other nightstand. Ok, great. Good job! Way to go, Sir! Hats off to you. You know what I don't understand about men is their need to procrastinate and then rush through things they're supposed to do without any thought as to actually carrying said shit out. For example, why would you assemble a dresser on the first floor of a house, when you have to bring said dresser upstairs to your bedroom, which is located on the second floor of a house? Wouldn't it make more sense to assemble said dresser in the bedroom where it belongs so that you don't mess up the paint job and walls going up the stairs carrying a dresser by yourself?

Why, oh why, must men do these things? I've been telling my dear hubby for weeks now what all needs to be done. If I wasn't nine months pregnant with twins, I would probably just do it myself. But, physically, I am limited in what I can do. So, I try to not nag and just remind him about the important stuff. Like, I don't know, maybe taking care of the spider infestation that we're dealing with. Last weekend, he sprayed the ceilings, but for whatever reason he didn't do the baseboards. Um, the spiders will just go hide behind the baseboards. And that's exactly what they did. I've been killing spiders all week long. So, today, I remind him that he's going to have to re-spray starting with the nursery.

He was really gung-ho about putting together the nursery. But, I'm like we have to spray and clean it out thoroughly first. As a matter of fact, I asked him whether that made more sense than to have to move stuff later. I, of course, knew the answer to that, but you have to make your hubbies believe that they're making there own decisions. It's marital warfare, folks, picking and choosing your battles so that you eventually win the war.

He basically threw a tantrum and said he was setting up “his” nursery for “his” babies and he didn't need “directions from me.” Sigh, if only that were true, dear hubby. Yes, mofo, you need directions and apparently lots of them. I kindly reminded dear hubby that it was our nursery and we will discuss what goes on in said nursery TOGETHER. He gave me the silent treatment and stormed away and then came back and did exactly as I suggested. No clue what that was about. Maybe my pregnancy hormones are causing him to act all crazy. I don't know. He seems to be in a maniacal rush whereas I'm just chilling. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.

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