14 Years, Soon-To-Be 4 Kids, And 1 Humanoid Hubby

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I had another non-stress test this morning. It went well and the twins are doing great! I'm still contracting, which hurts sometimes. My appointment with my OB was cancelled because she had to perform an emergency c-section. So, I left a bit early to run some errands. My car key actually broke in the ignition. WTF? It's so weird. Anyway, I couldn't get it out and I couldn't turn off the car or start it. So, I was pretty much stuck. I text my hubby hoping he would be of use or had experienced something like this. I told him what happened and took a picture. I kept playing with the broken key until finally I got it out. So, my hubby calls me and I tell him I managed to twist it out. I asked him if he got the picture and he said no. So I tell him I'm going to run my errands and come back to the car and see if it'll start up normally. He says ok. He texts me and says that he got the picture and asks what happened. I explained that when I turned the key, the Fob section broke off and the key part stuck in the ignition. Now, mind you, he asked me what happened. I was just answering his text like a normal person would. This mofo texts back: “I'm very busy right now and every time you text me I think something is wrong. Call me if that's the case.” Pause.

1) You asked me a question via text and I replied to said question. 2) You had time to text me to tell me that, but all you had to say was “ok” or “we'll talk later” or “let me know if it starts.” 3) I didn't know you were so busy ending poverty, ensuring world peace, and curing illnesses. My bad, bro. You don't have to tell me twice. Lately, he's just been “so busy” that if I roll my eyes any harder they may get stuck. Lol! He's not busy due to work. He's making himself busy because he has OCD and I swear he is part-humanoid. There is a difference. He just started this job and no one, but him, expects him to be the super senior software engineer of the company in three months. He did this at his last job too, so I recognize the “busy” pattern. For the last job, I had to check him for it and remind him where his priorities lie. But, I'm just too damn tired right now to be bothered. 

Right now, I'm feeling kind of out of tune with my husband. It's like the longer he's in the workforce, the more he takes me for granted. I used to work very long hours (7AM – 10PM) six days a week depending on the week. Sometimes, I would have to work Sundays to make up any time I missed. And this was right after I had just had our second child. But, I never treated him the way that he treats me. Hell, I used to cook batches of food on Sunday so he wouldn't have to worry about cooking during the week since he was home with the kids doing freelance. I would help out with laundry and clean, spend quality time with him and the kids, and shit pretty much do everything I do now. But, now that's he's working, he's “so busy.” And when I ask him to do shit or remind him, he either procrastinates, complains, or says that he's “going to get his act together” so I don't have to remind him to do things anymore. Now, you may be saying to yourself, stop reminding him to do shit. However, the shit I remind him to do affects our family if he doesn't do it. For example, he needs to apply for paternity leave and sort out the health insurance with HR. That affects me too so I'll ask him whether he had a chance to talk to them and the answer is always I didn't get a chance to do it.

It's crazy how hypocritical it is, because if I can't get something done, he'll question me to the death about it and about why I couldn't get it done. Like, seriously? You're questioning me? I, at least, write everything down so I don't forget and I actually complete the items on my to-do list in a timely manner. I'm still waiting for him to contact the Department of Labor about the investigation regarding his pay from his last job. But, yet, when I was STRUGGLING with the home sale, the City's sheriff sale, my clients, the back to school shopping, the nursery planning, appointment settings, etc, etc, etc, he was like “no, you can't just not do it, you have to keep going, keep pushing forward, we need to sell the house, yada, yada, yada.” Hmmp.

Anyway, I'm just venting. Anyone who's been married for a while probably knows what I'm talking about and what I'm going through. Fourteen years, soon-to-be 4 kids, and one humanoid hubby. Geesh! I'm so looking forward to when I stop breastfeeding and can chug on some creamed sherry. Hell, I don't drink like that, but lately I've been craving it. I think I deserve to have a quiet spot and a tall glass to sip from now and then. It's not like it's meth or anything like that. I hear that's what they do in the suburbs. Lol!

I still have to find a dresser and a love seat/futon for the nursery. My hubby thinks the futon is unnecessary. I disagree. Who wants to go back and forth from the nursery to our bedroom to feed the twins. We need a place to sit.  I'm thinking about getting the love seat below and the dresser.

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