Diastasis Recti and Hernia Surgery

1:43:00 PM

I'm so happy that I woke up from surgery! I had to be at the hospital at 6AM, but my surgery didn't start until 7:30AM. Everything went quickly though. They took my vitals and I had to take a pregnancy test. I met with my anesthesiologist and went over my medical history. Then, Dr. Hoffman came in with a big smile as usual. He drew on my stomach with a sharpie and joked a bit with me and my hubby. Then, it was time for my surgery. I remember being rolled to the operating room and getting on the table. Dr. Hoffman was already in there waiting for me in his surgical attire. I told him I didn't have any wish pics, but I didn't want to look like Sponge Bob and I wanted to remain curvy.

I don't remember anything after that. A nurse woke me up and the only pain I felt at first was soreness in my throat. Then, I felt tightness in my midsection. When I asked for the time, they said it was 1:30PM. They said my midsection was really in bad shape so the surgery took longer than expected. I stayed in recovery for another 2 hours. They won't let you leave the hospital until you pee. Finally, after downing cups of apple juice, I had to go. Getting up to use the restroom was when I really felt the pain. I was very sore and I was having sharp stabbing pains in my hips and right under my right rib.

They gave me more pain medication (dilaudid and valium) and an antibiotic. Dr. Hoffman came back to see how I was doing. He said that my muscle repair was the worst he had ever dealt with. He said he took pictures of what he had to deal with when he opened me up. He said when they lifted back the flesh, I had an extremely thin layer of fascia on top of my intestines. He could see their lumpiness. He said he did multiple rows of stitching to try to keep the muscles together, but they weren't strong enough so I have a permanent mesh wrapped around my abdomen to keep everything in.
Whew!  I can't believe that's me!  The lumps above the belly button are intestines protruding and leaving an impression.
Another angle.
The multiple rows of stitching still weren't making me flat and firm to my doctor's satisfaction.
After the mesh was inserted, my surgeon removed excess skin.  He thought I'd be happier without it. :) The nurses formed it into a bowtie.

He said that I could shower the next day if I wanted to. I've been sleeping a lot since leaving the hospital. There are so many stairs to climb before I even get to the front door of my house. When I made it to my living room, I had to sit. I had a dizzy spell and blacked out for a bit. That was pretty scary, but my mom and hubby were right there so I didn't fall on the floor.

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