They Can't Be Serious!

2:47:00 PM

I don't know what's up with that house. I want to sell it so badly. I am at the point where if I have to leave money on the table then so be it. It's a profit for me either way. But, man, there has been way more downs than ups in purchasing this investment property. All I wanted was for us to have an asset, but it has been anything but. I just received a bill from the Revenue Department for monies owed in 1991. Um, I bought the house in 2008 and paid for its past due taxes. I have the receipt from the Revenue Department to prove it. 

So, I call to ask what's going on. I hate calling customer service for the City. I feel like when they hire people they purposely train them to be rude and combative for no reason in their responses or to simply ignore your calls and emails. I called one rep and she swore that I was tax delinquent and hadn't paid my taxes. She didn't even ask for my account number. She just said, “well, if you're getting a bill Miss, you must not have paid.” Um, what? Then, when she finally asks for my info and realizes she was wrong, she doesn't even apologize. Instead, she says that she'll have to get a manager to call me back. 

After a week, the manager calls and I missed the call.  She left a message saying that the reason why I got the bill is because those are fees for that year because my house is being sold at the sheriff sale. So, I call back to find out more information as to why this is happening again. I get another representative that explains that the shady Attorney never put any notes in the system ordering them to remove my house from sheriff sale or saying that my account is current or anything about the frivolous lawsuit she filed, which was dismissed by the Court. WTF?  What really gets me is that the representative sees all my past and current payments, but she says there's nothing that she can do and that I have to contact the Attorney to get her to put the notes in the system. 

Right after this call, I get a callback from the manager that left the message. She had such a nasty attitude.  She goes, “Um, I got tired of calling and no one picking up so I decided to leave a message. Anyway, you owe $49,000 because you're in breach of the TRB contract from 2009.” (Um, you only called once and left a message.) I try to explain to her that her information is incorrect, and I just had a hearing this year with the Court of Common Pleas. She growls, “Let me finish. Ok, if you don't let me finish you're not going to understand why you owe the money and then you're just going to call back again.” Um, WTF? 

So I sit there and listen to her list off all the fees I allegedly owe and how I'm tax delinquent and if I don't pay $49,000 to the City they are entitled to sell my house at sheriff sale. When she's done, I explain to her everything that happened earlier this year and I give her the email that the Attorney sent to me and also HER freaking boss to fix my freaking account. She then says, “Oh, well, this sounds like it was taken care of already, but it's not notated in the system so we can't do anything about it.” So, I'm like why not. You see all of my payments (postmark dates and cashed checks) since 2008 when I bought the house. You know I made these payments and that there's an error on the computer saying that I did not, but you won't just click a freaking button or two so my property doesn't get sold out from under me. WTF!?!?! 

She tells me again that there is nothing she can do and that I have to contact the Law Department. So, I email the Attorney that appeared, the Revenue supervisor, and another manager. None of them have responded. This is the crap that I have to endure. I am just itching to sell this house ASAP. Now, with them saying I owe $49,000 (I'm not even sure how they came up with that number), if I do sell it then that's how much would be deducted from the sales price in addition to fees and taxes. That's a lot of flipping money to leave behind all because of a computer error that no one will fix.  

Then, I thought about it some more. When I attended that meeting with the shady Attorney, I do remember her typing notes in my account as she recognized the errors. I'm starting to believe that someone has purposely deleted the notes so they can buy it themselves from the sheriff sale for cheap. I'm convinced of this. Earlier this year, my payments were deleted or applied to someone else's account somehow, but I had my cashed checks to prove my payments. Now, that the case against me was dismissed, all of a sudden the notes are missing. Hmmp! Anyway, I'm not going to let it get me down. I'm selling that freaking house somehow. 

My new living room furniture is finally coming today. I'm so excited! I have to make sure my older boys don't destroy it. Recently, they messed up the couch in the nursery with a pen. I'm going to try Rust-oleum Specialty Vinyl Spray on it and see if I can fix it myself. I really like that couch. I want it for myself when we buy our own house. I plan on having a walk-in closet and putting it in there.  The side tables came yesterday and the tv stand should be coming today or tomorrow. 

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