Not Overly Dramatic

12:54:00 PM

I had my appointment with the general surgeon. It didn't go too well because the surgeon was in a rush. So, he definitely will not be the one operating on me. I got to the office at 4:30 and there was a large group of elderly people there. While I was sitting and waiting, I overheard that another doctor wasn't coming in to the office so he wanted his patients to be seen by the doctor I was seeing. I guess since they had been waiting for so long, the staff decided to assist them first because I didn't get called back to a private room until 5:30. And then I waited another 20 minutes for the doctor to come in.

He literally flew in and flew out. That's how it felt to me. He spent less than five minutes with me and had an attitude as if I was wasting his time. When he walked in, he introduced himself and asked why I was there. So, I told him I have stomach and back pains. I tried to continue and tell him more details but he cut me off and said well you had twins so it could be a hernia. Then, he asked me to get on a table. It wasn't a normal patient table. It was very low and looked more like a workout bench. I had trouble laying down due to the pain. When I'm at home on my bed, I have to sit and then roll down sideways and lift my legs before I can roll over and lay flat on my back.

Well, I guess I wasn't moving fast enough so he started pushing me down and touching my stomach. I immediately started wincing in pain and saying “ouch, can you please stop for a second, that really hurts.” He didn't stop and just asked me to straighten out my legs. I knew he needed to examine me so I sucked it up, but I was in so much pain that I started sweating profusely and I was tearing up. He then pokes at my belly button and says “you have such a tiny hernia here in this small opening, that can be taken care of in an outpatient basis, you really shouldn't be in this much pain.” The way he said it was very belittling as if I was being overly dramatic. I have a very high tolerance for pain. I've given birth naturally and vaginally for all my kids, including the twins, I've had military training and had an entire human being fall on me from a higher elevation (long crazy story), and I have ulcerative colitis and been dealing with those pains in my colon for 9 long years. So, if I'm saying that I'm in pain, believe me, I'm not being overly dramatic or exaggerating because I don't even like being seen by doctors, hospital stays, or taking medication.

Mind you, he's already heading to the door as he's saying this and says he's going to have his assistant set up a CT scan, but because it's late she'll have to call me tomorrow. I tried to ask a question but he cut me off and said "trust me." And then he just left out the room. Like, wtf!?! It took me longer to type this then the time I spent with the doctor. His assistant came in about ten minutes later and said she'll call me and that I could go. When I left, the waiting area was already dark.

Anyway, I had already made up my mind not to use this doctor. The following day I started my physical therapy. It went better than my appointment with the surgeon. She actually took the time to thoroughly examine my stomach and back. She said that my spine was curved more than it should be. She also said that the gap in my stomach was not “tiny” as the surgeon had claimed. She said it was actually pretty severe and she showed me exactly where the gap edges were located and explained that's why so much of my bowels are pushed forward. It's diamond in shape and at the widest part it is about 7 inches in width. She said she too would like to know what else a CT scan reveals because she would have to modify my exercises if there's other issues going on. She showed me a couple of things I can do now, which isn't much. I just have to lay on my back and hold my stomach and push the gap together with my hands while I lift my neck and also when I'm walking. She said it will help to stabilize me until I have surgery. She said she couldn't give me too much to do because the gap is so wide that my core wouldn't be properly engaged and I would be hurting myself even more.

So, now, I have to look into finding another surgeon in the area. A friend of mine had a hernia years ago, and she went to a different hospital for treatment. It's further away from me, but I think I may get a consultation and see what's what. Oh, and it's two days later and I still haven't received a phone call for the CT scan.

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