Six Weeks Postpartum After Twins

12:26:00 PM

I'm still making small goals daily and trying to get them done. I had my 6 week postpartum appointment. My stomach remains a major issue. It stopped decreasing in size and I still look pregnant, only just with one baby. I have pain in it when I breathe, sneeze, cough, walk, and stand up.  So, basically, all the time.  My OB/Gyn referred me to another doctor because she said she could actually see my bowels protruding forward. It just looks so crazy. Anyway, I scheduled my appointment and this doctor is supposed to see if my stomach can be rehabbed through physical therapy or if I need surgery. 

Either way, I am going to get back in shape to make my recovery easier. I will be doing a modified version of Jamie Eason's post-partum workout plan.  I can't do her core workouts at the moment, but I can do the other exercises that don't focus specifically on my core. 

The twins are doing good. They've been throwing up in their sleep, which has been nerve-wrecking.  For now, they are sleeping in their swings in our bedroom so that they aren't laying flat.  Every sound they make at night has me jumping up to see if they're breathing. So, whatever little sleep I was getting is non-existent.

My breast milk supply recently decreased. I'm diligently drinking a gallon of water daily, eating oatmeal, and taking fenugreek tablets. So, I've been researching to see what else I can do to increase my supply. I read that it takes 500 extra calories than your minimum requirement to maintain your supply. I know I haven't been eating that much these past few weeks due to just feeling tired and being busy. So, I joined MyFitnessPal to keep track of my calories. I also plan to eat more often throughout the day.  If anyone else has any tips, please share them below.

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