Hernia, Diastasis Recti, & Spinal Misalignment, Oh My!

1:45:00 PM

I had my appointment today. Basically, my abs have been obliterated and that is not an exaggeration. With diastasis recti or muscle separation, people usually say they have a 2 finger or 4 finger gap, right. Well, let's just say my gap can't even be measured because it's wider than two hands and my muscles are no longer located where they should be. My muscles form a lower-case 'n' in my body. So, if you were looking at a diagram of abdominal muscles, my muscles have separated to where the obliques are located and very little of it remains intact right under my rib cage. My bowels have fallen into that space and are causing severe pain. The doctor said they were extremely inflamed and that in their current condition I would be unable to do any core work. I also have an umbilical hernia that is adding to the pain.

To make matters worse, my twin pregnancy caused my spine to become misaligned. I was having back pains during pregnancy and after delivery I started getting back spasms. I thought it was probably due to the kidney infection and would eventually go away. But, no, it's because I don't have enough muscles left to support the trunk of my body so my back is taking the brunt of the load and the muscles where my spine is leaning on are spazzing because of the pressure. She recommended stabilization exercises just to alleviate some of the pain and also a bit of rehab. But, ultimately, I have to have surgery to fix my hernia and the muscle separation.

It's scary because she was giving me a bunch of restrictions that's supposed to help me avoid further damage. She said I shouldn't drive, walk up and down steps, do any household chores, lift any weights or exercise, or raise my arms overhead. She is concerned for my spine. But, I won't be able to adhere to all of the restrictions. Starting December 1, I'll be home by myself taking care of the twins, in addition to my other children. So, I have to lift them, pick my older kids up from school, cook, and go up and down the stairs. Anyway, my surgery wouldn't be until February or March. I'm not sure what it will entail yet. I have an appointment scheduled the first week in January to go over the details. I'm trying to make light of the situation and think of it as a tummy tuck. Maybe I'll come out looking like some sexy, hot mama.

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