My Twins' Delivery Story - Pt. 2 Twin B's Arrival

3:43:00 PM

Right after Twin A was born, there was a flurry of activity in the operating room.  My contractions had stopped so my OB was waiting to see whether they would start again right away or not.  If they hadn't, we would go back to the delivery room.  During this time, I was able to look around the room for a bit.  There were six pediatric nurses in the room.  Three of them were taking Twin A's vitals and measurements and cleaning her up while she was in the warmer.  She must have liked it because she wasn't crying anymore.  The nurses were saying her eyes were opened already so I knew she was doing good.  The other three were prepping the second warmer for Twin B in the meantime.  There was my OB and the other doctor that had rushed me to the operating room.  Apparently, he was the head of the surgical team in case I needed a c-section.  He had a surgical team with him of five nurses.  Then, there were a few other people in the room, but I don't remember who they were or why they were there.  Perhaps, they were there to assist my OB.  Like, I said it was pretty packed.

Twin B's amniotic sac had not broken during Twin A's birth.  So, my OB asked the ultrasound tech to check Twin B's position and make sure that he was still head down.  Since he had more room now, there was a risk he could spin around.  I was in pain during the ultrasound.  My tummy hurt so badly since I had just given birth, and every time she moved the wand around I was squirming in pain.  Twin B was still head down and my OB decided to break his amniotic sac to see if my contractions would start again.  She also didn't want to risk my cervix closing, and then I wouldn't be able to push him out vaginally.  She had previously told me at a prenatal appointment that in twin (and other multiples) pregnancies at delivery sometimes the cervix will begin to close after the first child is born so a c-section is necessary.  She used that same medieval tool with the hook, but this time it was so painful and touching the sides of my now extremely sore vaginal cavity.  Anyway, Twin B was still pretty high in my abdomen so she had to manually push him down by pressing on my stomach with one hand and putting her other hand in my womb while asking me to try to bear down.  THAT WAS PAINFUL AF!  Finally, he was low enough for her to use the hook to rupture his sac.  As soon as the liquid came out, the monitor showed that my contractions were starting again.  I didn't feel the contractions yet, but then it came and it was time to start pushing.

I think my doctor was in disbelief that I was about to push out another baby without any pain medication or an epidural that she forgot to do the 10 count.  So, I just pushed when I felt pain.  To say I was in pain was an understatement.  I was so sore and feeling tired from Twin A's delivery that I felt like I couldn't get my rhythm of pushing back.  So, the first two pushes were kind of light pushes.   I was feeling weak so I started praying to God and reciting in my head "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  Philippians 4:13  I just kept saying it over and over like it was a mantra.  I had also done this with my other deliveries (except Twin A because she came so quickly) and in times of doubt, and it always gave me strength to endure.  ALWAYS.  So, then I got a really strong contraction and I pushed and my doctor was like "yes, that's it keep pushing just like that; the head is crowning."  I must admit that I pooped a little here, but my OB is gangster and she just wiped it away for me.  (Honestly though, I wasn't really embarrassed about it as I was during my nightmare trip to the emergency room.)

My hubby was holding my right hand and wiping the sweat off my face and another nurse was holding my left hand and whispering that I was doing good.  The two nurses that held my legs back previously were still holding my legs back.  I must have been breaking my hubby and the nurse's hands because my doctor asked the other doctor to reposition the arms of the bed so that I could hold onto them and kind of hoist myself up more to push.  So, I held on to the bars and lifted my shoulders as high as I could and I pushed again.  On the fifth push, Twin B's head came out.  He was born on the seventh push at 5:56PM, nine minutes after his sister.  He started crying immediately.

It was very emotional.  Some of the nurses had tears in their eyes.  My OB was like "do you know you just gave birth to twins without any pain meds or a c-section?"  The other doctor was in disbelief about me not having any pain meds. They both were checking me out, and I luckily didn't have any vaginal tears from the deliveries.  Thank you, God!  I couldn't see Twin B from my point of view because there were a bunch of people in front of his warmer.  But, in the meantime, my OB helped me to deliver the two placentas.  This, of course, wasn't as painful as the babies.  But, I was really sore.  Even though I was sweating, I was having chills and shaking.

I wanted to hold the twins, but the nurses said they had to stay under the warmers longer to get their body temperatures up or they would have to go to the neonatal intensive care unit.  So, they wheeled me back to the delivery room without them.  There were people in the hallway clapping for me and my hubby and saying congrats.  A nurse came into the room and she was crying just saying how blessed I am and how thankful she was to witness that miracle of a birth.  She said she had worked in the Labor and Delivery Unit for 30 plus years and had seen many deliveries of twins and triplets, but there were always complications and inevitable c-sections.  This was her first time seeing twin babies born naturally.

Twin A came in first because she had warmed up enough.  The nurses wanted me to have skin-to-skin time with her to keep her warm and then see if she would latch on to my breast to be breastfed.  The nurse was saying that sometimes babies don't latch on right away, but before she could even finish her sentence my little daughter latched on without any problems.  She must have been hungry because it felt like she was trying to rip off my right nipple.  Lol!

After a few more minutes, Twin B came in and the nurse helped to latch him to my left breast.  He did the same exact thing and tried to just end my nipple.  Lol!  After they ate, we were able to hold them for a few minutes, but when the nurses checked their temperatures again, they had fallen.  So, both of them had to go to the nursery to be warmed up.  I didn't want them to go, but I knew it was for the best.

A nurse came in and said that my room was ready in the maternity ward and that by the time we got settled in there, the twins would probably be warm enough for them to visit again.  My mom had picked up our older boys from school for us earlier in the day.  So, they were at home doing their homework and eating dinner.  They got to the hospital around 7PM, but the twins had gone back to the nursery by then.  My mom really wanted to see and hold the twins, so she spent the night with me at the hospital while my hubby went home with the boys after visiting hours.  The twins came back around 9PM to be breastfed again.

Now, you would think this would be the end of my delivery story at this point.  But, nope, the story continues.  See you in the next post.

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