My Twins Delivery Story - Pt. 1 Twin A's Arrival

2:35:00 PM

My induction was scheduled for October 1 at exactly 37 weeks. My OB didn't want to take any risks with my obstetric cholastasis. It was weird to me having the date decided ahead of time. Twin B was no longer breeched so I would be having a vaginal delivery. My hubby took a photo of me in the nursery before we left home to go to the hospital.  
That's over 15 LBS of babies in that tummy.  Geesh!  I remember how badly my back and crouch hurt in this photo.  I promise I was happy but when I tried to smile, it was more like a grimace. LOL!
We had to be there at 7AM. Our older boys' school day starts at 8AM. So, they came with us to the hospital before my hubby left to drop them off closer to 8. My wonderful OB, who has children of her own, understood the situation, so she promised not to start the induction until my hubby returned. So, in the meantime, they placed monitors on my stomach for the twins and took my vitals and went over my medical history.  When my hubby came back, they verified that the twins were still both head down and then they checked my cervix.  I was already 2cm dilated on my own.  Then, they gave me an injection in my IV with a medication called Pytocin.  Apparently, this was the induction medication that was supposed to help my labor progress.   My OB explained that even though we were in a delivery room, I would not be giving birth to the twins in there.  When it was time, I would be transported to an operating theater just in case there were any complications.  

So, we waited and waited.  I wasn't in any more pain than I was in when I was at home.  In fact, I felt like the Pytocin wasn't doing anything at all.  So, my OB increased the dosage and we waited some more.  She said that sometimes it takes time for the medication to really kick in.  So, during this time, I worked on some stuff for my client and then watched my Dirty Dancing DVD for the millionth time.  I love that movie!.  During this time, I started getting a little bit of cramping, but I was only 3.5 cm dilated.  There was a nurse that kept coming in saying that she had to lower the dose so that my labor wouldn't progress so quickly because the stress of  contractions is not good for the babies after an extended period of time without further dilation.  I thought that was weird considering the goal was to get the babies delivered that day.  Other nurses came in to check the monitors on my tummy because of course the twins were very active, so they would both come off the monitor.  

My OB came back with an ultrasound tech to check on the position of the babies again and make sure Twin B was still head down.  Plus, she wanted to break my water to see if that would help to speed things along.  The babies were looking good, but they were fighting over who would be born first inside my uterus.  Now that Twin B (my son) was head down, Twin A (my daughter) was being pushed to the side so there was no guarantee that my daughter would be born first anymore.  My hubby joked that we don't have to tell them who's older.  So, my OB broke my water with a long medieval looking tool, but she wasn't sure whose amniotic sac had been broken because both twins' heads were evenly close to my cervix.  It felt very weird to have my water broken.  I never had my water break when I delivered my older boys so this was a first for me.  It's like I was peeing myself and I couldn't stop the flow.  And then when I thought it stopped, I would move or laugh and more water would gush out.  It was crazy! 

Anyway, my OB was still seeing patients in her office during the day, but she visited us a couple times during the day when she wasn't seeing other patients in her office.  She checked my cervix at about 5:30PM after her office closed and I was only a whopping 4.5cm.  I was experiencing more cramping and contractions, where I had to pause and breathe during the pain, but it wasn't the serious labor pains yet.  I could still laugh and carry on a conversation.  She lowered my dosage again because she said my contractions were coming too fast for the amount I was dilated.  This was due to the Pytocin.  Then, she talked with my hubby and I about inserting an epidural in my back.  She knew I wanted to give birth naturally without medication. So, she said it would only be there in case something happened during delivery, and we needed to do a c-section.  She said we had time to decide because I was only 4.5cm, but it was better to insert it before I started feeling the serious labor pains.  So, she said that although she was done with her patients in her office for the day, she had some paperwork to do, and would be back to check on me again and see what we had decided. 

Now earlier in the day, a nurse showed my hubby how to hook and unhook the monitors so I could use the restroom whenever I needed to go.  I wasn't allowed to walk around and had to lay down the whole time because the monitor chords were not very long.  So, my hubby would help to unhook me and then I would go to the restroom and get back in bed and he would plug all the monitors back in again.  If I was out of bed too long, a nurse would come check on me.  The nurses' station has its own set of monitors that shows what's going on with the monitors in each patient's room.  Anyway, around 5:40ish, right after my OB left, I had to pee again. Just as my hubby was about to unplug the monitor, a nurse came in saying that one of the twins had slipped off the monitor again.  I told her that I was just about to pee so maybe my sitting up had something to do with it.  So, she asked if I could wait just so she could locate the twin.  So, I agreed and sat on the edge of the bed.  It was taking a little longer than usual for her to find the twin.  So, she said she had to page the ultrasound tech to come back and check on the twin.  Only like two minutes had passed, but I REALLY had to pee.  I told her this and she apologized saying until they located the baby I couldn't use the restroom.  So, I start rocking on the edge of the bed trying to hold my pee.  Basically, I was doing the pee-pee dance sitting down.  It felt like I was going to pee on myself at any second.  I was still having contractions and cramping, but it wasn't the serious pain yet.  AND THEN IT HAPPENED!  

Suddenly, it felt like a wet, hairy bowling ball slammed into my cervix and cracked my pubic bone.   I remember looking at my husband and screaming the baby is coming out.  This same nurse had just been in the room when my OB told me that I was only 4.5cm so she didn't believe me.  She told me to breathe through the pain because it was just my labor progressing due to the Pytocin.  I'm like please get a doctor because I know my body and I can feel the head coming out RIGHT NOW.  (Side note:  With my first two sons, the same thing kind of happened where I jumped from 4cm to 10cm without warning.  I wasn't induced with them though, so I figured it would be different this time because of how the nurses were monitoring the induction.)  .Just as this was happening, the ultrasound tech was wheeling in the machine and the nurse paged for my OB to come in.  Another doctor came rushing in because my OB was by now riding the elevator back to her office in another wing of the hospital.  They helped me to lay back on the bed and the nurse told the doctor that I had just been checked in the last five minutes and I was only 4.5cm.  Thankfully, this doctor ignored the nurse and looked between my legs and started shouting "we have less than 1 minute to go.  Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!"  As they were unplugging the bed a siren went off and like a bunch of nurses flew in and the doctor was begging me to just squeeze my butt cheeks and saying that we're almost there.  I was in SEVERE pain and trying my best to squeeze, but my baby was coming.  The team of nurses were literally running down the hall to the operating room with me on the bed and someone grabbed my hubby and said he had to get changed.  

Once I was in the operating room, there were like a sea of people in there just setting things up.  The doctor was like "we don't have time to put her on the table and we're just going to use the bed."  So, they took off the bottom of the bed I was on really quickly and out of nowhere my OB pops up in full surgical attire from between my legs and was like "push."  They didn't even have time to put the stirrups in position so two nurses were on each side of the bed holding my legs back towards my ears.  I was in a lot of pain then, but when I think about it now it's funny. Because my OB is on the short side, and she popped up like she was a jack-in-the-box out of nowhere.  It was like I gave birth to her because she was right between my legs smiling and looking at me and all I could see was her head.  Anyway, in that one push,  since much of Twin A's  head was already out by the time we got in the operating room, the head and the shoulders came out.  My hubby came in at this time with a hair cap on and a paper gown over his clothes.    He came to my side as I was pushing the second time and Twin A was born.  Our daughter won.  She was born first at 5:47PM.  

I wasn't able to hold her or anything.  I barely got a glimpse of her because the room was so crowded.  There was a warmer bed on the other side of the room that they put her on.  I remember my hubby tearing up and saying "she's beautiful."  The way he said it made me tear up because it was so sweet.  Then, I heard her crying and I was so relieved.   I'll continue with Twin B's delivery in my next post.

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