Won't He Do It

2:39:00 PM

I had my ultrasound and non-stress test yesterday. The twins are good and still moving around. Twin B is definitely head down along with his sister. I'm so happy and feeling really relieved right now. At first the ultrasound tech thought he was head up, but then she realized that both twins had moved out of their original locations. They are like the ying/yang symbol with both butts in the air and both heads down. But, one twin is overlapping the other. So, she was mixing up the body parts at first where they overlapped. But, a perinatologist came in and verified that they were indeed head down. So, the c-section had been cancelled. Since I'm already dilated, my OB wants me to come in early Thursday morning to have my water broken to see if that moves the dilation along naturally. If nothing happens, then they will give me pytocin to help. I'm hoping to give birth naturally without any medication. But, we'll see what happens. I'm just feeling really blessed right now that God heard my prayers and answered them even when I was feeling so anxious.

The nursery is pretty much done. My husband put together the last dresser last night. It looks really cute in there. There are some things I want to get decor-wise but that can wait. Today, I'm going to make sure I have everything packed for the hospital and that I write up some bills and leave instructions for my hubby.

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