The Twin Nursery Is Done

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Finally, the nursery is done! I'm so happy with how it turned out. My color scheme is fuschia, royal blue, grey, and white. (If you're interested in any of the items, simply click on the links below or get more details here.)

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a (very) small commission if you click a link and purchase something. While I wish these commissions were enough to make me rich, they just help your girl to keep going. Thanks so much for your support! 

This room is really small, but I was able to fit two dressers, two portable cribs, a loveseat, and hamper in it.  Since I was dealing with such a small space, I decided to get two mini-cribs.
The Aden Crib comes in seven colors and it's made of solid wood pine.  I was torn between the grey and the white, but I finally settled on the white one above.  I'm sure the twins will be able to grow with this crib, even though it's a mini-crib.  In the future, it will be able to convert into a toddler bed and a day bed.  The crib comes with a mattress but to me it's too thin to be comfortable. So, I bought a separate mattress.  Right now, the mattress is at the highest level in the crib, but there are two lower levels that I can drop the mattress to as the twins get bigger and learn to sit up and eventually stand. 

I chose the Bacati Pink/Grey and Blue/Grey Elephants Mini Crib Fitted Sheets.  They fit my mattress perfectly.  The colors are pretty too.  The Bacati collection also has bibs, burp cloths, pillows, hampers, curtains and anything you can possibly need for your nursery in the same pretty colors.

I am so in love with the love seat below.  I HAD TO HAVE IT!  It fit perfectly into the nursery.  I was going to get a futon, but I changed my mind when I saw this love seat.  It also comes in black.

LexMod Prospect 2-Seater Loveseat

My hubby wasn't really on board though because he felt that it would get ruined when the twins get older.  But, I have no plans on keeping this beauty in their room once they're older.  This will go into either my future walk-in closet or my office.  (Yes, I'm claiming that. Law of Attraction get to work. Please and Thanks! )  I decorated it with fuschia and blue pillows.

I chose the colors Raspberry and Navy.  They come in 6 sizes.  I got the 18x18s for all four of them.  But, they are pretty big.  I wished I had either only gotten one of each color or 2 18x18s and 2 12x18s.  But, I didn't feel like returning them.

Creative Solid Decorative Pillow Cover / Throw Pillow Cover

Since I have twins, I needed plenty of storage space.  I bought two dressers.  
This six drawer dresser comes in six colors.  Of course, I went with white to keep with my theme.  The drawers are very deep and wide.  They close softly as well so you won't wake up your babies when you're sneaking like a ninja putting away their laundry.  Half of the drawers go to my daughter and the other half to my son.  I use this dresser for clothes, bibs, burp cloths, and accessories.

South Shore Step One Collection 6-Drawer Double Dresser

The dresser measures 53-1/4-inch wide by 16-1/4-inch deep by 32-1/2-inch high.  I couldn't get a separate changing table due to the space.  So, I needed a dresser that was deep and wide enough to put a changing pad on and also tall enough to change the babies on.  The changing pad I picked to fit this dresser is the Summer Infant Contoured changing pad. It's waterproof and easy to wipe off.  

Since the dresser was so affordable, I was able to get a smaller chest that fit into my budget.
I use this chest for bath towels, rags, bedding, receiving blankets, car seat covers and quilts.  

South Shore Libra Collection 3-Drawer Chest

The only other thing I could fit in the space was a hamper.  I selected a simple pop open hamper because it was the smallest and most affordable hamper that could fit in my space.

When I first opened the hamper, I didn't seem very sturdy.  But, it has held up very well and holds a lot of clothes.  It also zips up to keep smells inside and has handles to carry the hamper to the washer.

Honey-Can-Do Medium Nylon Pop Open Hamper

For decor, I kept it pretty simple.  Since we can't paint, I decided to try placing sticker decals on the wall.  I checked out the Wall Consilia Etsy shop.  They have a large selection of decals and you can even select the colors you want for your stickers.  I chose their baby nursery wall decal:
It comes with a cute elephant, birds and a tree.  For my boy/girl twin nursery, I selected the colors telegrey for the tree, elephant, and birds.  For the leaves, I went with brilliant blue and pink.  Instead of keeping the mural on one wall, I spread the leaves and birds around the room.  
 I also wanted baskets to store things like diapers, wipes, lotion, toys, etc.  These Whitmor baskets were cute and also the perfect shade of grey.

Whitmor Rattique Storage Baskets

I also bought a cuddly friend for my twins to play with while I change their diapers.  

Bedtime Originals Plush Toy, Humphrey Elephant

Lastly, I created shadow boxes to showcase my twins' 3D ultrasound pics and delivery items.

Lawrence White Wood Shadow Box Picture Frame

The Lawrence frames come in different sizes, but I chose the 8 x 8 inch frame for my needs.  I'll post a tutorial next on how to make these shadow boxes.

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