Pre-Term Labor

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I had an appointment with the Non-Stress Testing Center on Friday, which didn't go too well. I went into pre-term labor. I was so scared that I would have the babies. Most of my contractions until now have been very mild. I haven't felt them, except for a bit of pressure. But, on Friday, I had a majorly painful contraction which went off the grid on the machine and then I started having contractions every five minutes thereafter.
I took this after the contraction passed.  It's the hill on the right that goes off the grid.
So, of course, I was sent to my doctor. Thank God her office is in the same building, just in another wing that I have to hike to. Lol! Anyway, by the time I got there, they said that she was still doing her rounds but they were going to send me to the Labor and Delivery Unit to get checked out. I asked if they had a conveyor belt because I was breathless by this time. One of the nice nurses said they would wheel me to the unit. Thank God they did because it would have been another long hike for me, and my crotch and back was already hurting from the contractions. Anyway, I get checked in and they start taking blood and urine samples from me and also inserting an IV “just in case.” Yikes! My doctor still wasn't available so another doctor came in to check my cervix. Thankfully, it was still closed, but it's gotten softer. So, they kept me there until the labs came back and then discharged me. My appointment was at 8:15 and I didn't leave the hospital until 12:30. My hubby had to pick the kids up for me from school because it was only a half-day that day. 

The contractions didn't stop being 5 minutes apart until Saturday evening. Now, they only come once in a while and the pain isn't as severe. After the scare, my hubby was like I don't care how much it costs we're getting a new bed tonight. And sure enough he went and bought a new sleigh bed for me. He blames the bed breaking and me having to get up from such a low position or sit up all day for the pre-term labor. He definitely didn't want it to happen again. He stayed up pretty late assembling the bed. On Saturday, he wouldn't let me do anything but stay in bed. Lol! His birthday was on Sunday so I wanted to get the stuff that I wasn't able to get on Friday. But, he wasn't hearing it. He took my list and ran the errands for me. Based on my ingredient list, he was able to figure out his birthday cake and dinner. He was excited, but he didn't want me doing too much. So, on Saturday evening, I began making his cheesecake and seasoning his oxtails so that they would be ready for the next day. I can't move as quickly as I'd like to, so it took a bit longer than I wanted. But, I managed to get it done. Then, on Sunday, I made him a huge breakfast, the kids and I wrapped his gifts, blew up balloons, and surprised him. It was a good day. But, by the end of the night, I was exhausted, in pain, and swollen. So, he forced me to lay in bed all day Monday. The contractions came back again so I know I have to take it easy from here on out. 

I have another non-stress test today and also an appointment with my OB. I hope all goes well this time.


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So, I just got back from my prenatal appointments. My OB wants to schedule a c-section for the first week of October. Noooooooooooo! At first, she wanted to do it on September 30, but I have my hearing that day. So, I said any day after that is fine. But, I don't want a c-section at all. The only way I can avoid it is if the babies come early, but then that puts my hearing at risk too.  I don't want to have to postpone the hearing because I just want it done and over with so I can enjoy my babies. She's concerned that 1) with cholastasis, doctors normally induce at 37 weeks because it reduces the time that the babies could be exposed to bile acids, and 2) Twin B is still breeched. With Twin B being breeched, it would make a vaginal delivery impossible if he doesn't turn. She said he could turn head down up to delivery. However, the other risk is that since he is slightly bigger than Twin A, my cervix could contract after I deliver Twin A vaginally and it creates a risk of him getting stuck or trapped in the birth canal. These are, of course, legitimate concerns to take into account. But, having a c-section would complicate our home lives. I already don't have a ton of help.  My hubby only gets 1 week of paternal leave.  A c-section takes 8 weeks to recover from it, and your activities are severely restricted. I also have two older kids in school so I have to figure out how to get them there and pick them up every day. On top of that, we're still not done getting everything that we need for the nursery, the twins and me.  This weekend I bought the car seats, the cribs, and the crib mattresses. We still have an incredible amount of stuff to purchase that remains on our list.

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