Oh, The Contractions!

9:00:00 PM

I cannot wait to feel like myself again. These contractions have been really painful lately. I have a non-stress test tomorrow, and then I have to retake my bile acid test. My hubby doesn't want me doing anything, but I feel like he's not moving fast enough for my liking. He's procrastinating and we don't have time for that isht. Everytime I ask him to do something, it's like pulling teeth. “I'll get to it later.” “I can't possibly do all of that today.” “It'll get done this time, trust me.” Then, when I leave it up to him, it just doesn't get done. Like, I still have to remind him to find out what happened to the PA investigation regarding his paycheck. That's thousands of dollars that we could use right now. All he has to do is make the phone call during his lunch hour. But, no, he's too busy talking about things that androids talk about to do it.  I feel like he just takes all of my reminders for granted and doesn't act on any of them until I've at least reminded him like 5 times to do it over a period of time. 

Anyway, some of the baby stuff has started to arrive. The cribs are up finally, but I'm waiting on the sheets and blankets for them. We have so much more to do in 16 days! The pope is coming to Philly so major roads will be blocked off for about 4 – 5 days. We live near one of these major roads so we have to get everything we need and want before then. Once they open the roads again, that will only leave us with 2 weekdays before the csection.

I've been so tired lately. I'm going to try to squeeze in a quick nap, while the kids do their homework and before I have to cook dinner. My eyes were so tired as I was driving to pick up the kids that I was seeing double vision. This insomnia at night is wearing me out. Thankfully, next week the kids have off from school due to the pope's visit and maybe I'll be able to get in some naps here and there before the twins arrive.

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