Hell 2 Da Naw Naw

8:18:00 PM

I am feeling so bummed and anxious right now. My OB scheduled a c-section for October 1. I'm praying that I can still do this vaginally. I have to re-take my bile acids test next week. I also have an ultrasound on September 29 to determine the position the babies are in. I pray that Twin B turns head down and that Twin A picks up some weight. I'd prefer to be induced and then at least try to have a vaginal delivery rather than having my babies surgically removed. I know people say “it doesn't matter how the babies are born.” I'm assuming they say this to make people who have to have c-sections feel better. Well, it's not making me feel better. To me, there is a difference between giving birth and having major surgery to remove a baby. But, we'll see what happens. 

As a result of this now lingering date, I had to order everything we're going to need for the nursery, my hospital bag, and the twins. It was expensive, but we should be getting our security deposit back soon. I keep reminding my hubby to finish cleaning out the apartment so that we can get the deposit. He's been slowly morphing back into his android ways on me. But, that's not going to fly anymore. He can't keep putting stuff off. I know all wives wished their hubby would just do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Lol! But, sometimes you have to have tough love for your hubbies so that you don't bust them in the head until the white meat shows. So, I've been getting on his case about doing stuff around the house. Everyone in this house has two healthy eyes, yet I'm the only one who happens to see if something fell on the floor or the counters aren't clean or the bathroom needs to be tidy. What's even more mysterious is that I'm not the one creating these messes, but it's almost like they expect me to clean it up. Um, hell to the naw naw...

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