Getting Closer

1:26:00 PM

Today is the first full day of school. It's been a while since I've been without my boys for so long. I'm going to try to be as productive as possible today. I finally have one case taken care of. Well, my client basically stopped communicating with me and there's nothing more I can do without their permission. So, the case will more than likely be dismissed. As for my other client, I managed to get a settlement, so I won't have to go to court for this issue, which is a big relief for both me and my client. So, I'm finally wrapping up this case, with the exception of filing taxes which aren't due until 2016. The only other legal issue on my plate is the house. I have a meeting next week with the City's Law Department and Revenue Department. I really hope this can be resolved without having to go back to court on September 30. I'm not sure how fair the judge will be considering how she acted last time.

My hubby feels like the twins will be born this month. He started driving to work just in case. I'm praying that they are born as close as possible to their due date, which is October 21. It's been rough lately, with all the aches and pains that I've been feeling, but I can wait patiently until they're ready. Plus, we have a bunch of stuff that we still need to get and organize before their arrival. Everyday my hubby wants me to order something. He's uber-excited! 

We had a crazy incident recently. Our bed broke, and it wasn't even due to any night-time activities. Lol! We think it's from the move. The connections probably got loosened somehow. But, now we need a new bed. I like our bed too. It was a sleigh bed so we didn't need a box spring for it. But, because of that we can't just get a cheapy metal frame to hold up the mattress, unless we buy a box spring. We were in the market for a new mattress anyway, but it was going to be a near future purchase. Now, we have to add a new mattress and bed frame to our already lengthy list. My hubby is hoping that we can get a good labor day sale and purchase it right away. For now, we had to put our mattress on the floor. Being 32 weeks pregnant with twins, it's near impossible for me to just jump out of the bed from this level without assistance. So I can't lay down during the day when my hubby isn't here to help me. He's been a real team player about it though. He gets up every time I need to go to the bathroom, which is about three times a night, to help me get to a standing position safely.

My hubby's birthday is this weekend. I have to go to the post office and pick up some stuff I ordered for him. Plus, I am going to make his favorite coconut cheesecake and grape nut ice cream. He likes to relax and chill on his birthday, so we won't be going anywhere.

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