Please Stay In A Little Longer

12:07:00 PM

For whatever reason, my ultrasound today was cancelled and I only had the stress test. I was a little ticked that the testing center cancelled the ultrasound without letting me know and I was sitting there for an hour wondering why I hadn't been called back yet. I was also sad that I wouldn't get to see my twins on the screen. Anyway, I finally get called, and they begin the stress test. The test involves strapping on belts and monitors to my stomach, one for each baby and one for my uterus. Baby B was moving so much that the nurse had a hard time finding a good location to place the monitor so they could record the heart rate. She decided to take a break and find Baby A, but Baby A was so far back in my uterus that she had to do a quick ultrasound anyway to find her. So, I did get to see the babies, if only for a couple of minutes. They looked good to me, just like last time. So, finally, she is able to get both monitors on. I could hear Baby A's heartbeat. But, Baby B was moving so much and kicking the monitor that all I could hear were loud thuds from each kick and movement. 

In order to pass the test, each baby's heart rate has to rise steadily for 10 seconds straight twice in a twenty minute period. Although, they do allow this test to go for one hour, just in case the baby is napping. Well, twin B definitely wasn't napping so he passed his test pretty quickly. Twin A took a little longer. So, while I was waiting for Twin A to pass, the nurse asked me whether I felt a contraction. She said that the monitor for my uterus was showing that I was having a contraction. I didn't feel it at all. I only felt the babies moving. So, she said it's probably a fake contraction. But, then it happened again ten minutes later and I still hadn't felt anything. She was like she's not an OB, but she does know that these appeared to be rhythmic in nature and if it happened again she would have to call my doctor so that I could be seen today. Well, exactly ten minutes later I had another contraction. So, she called my doctor's office and made the appointment so that my cervix could get checked for any dilation. As she was removing the monitor, I was having another contraction. I still hadn't felt anything, but I was pretty nervous. We haven't started prepping the nursery or getting car seats or any of that stuff. 

So, I headed to my OB's office and got checked.  I was not dilated!  But, my OB had received my results from the Bile Acids test. Unfortunately, my levels are high and I have obstretic cholastasis. So, the doctor would like to aim for a delivery at 37 weeks to avoid any complications. Also, I'm taking my glucose test this weekend and if I fail it she will definitely want to have me deliver at 37 weeks. She said they will continue the stress tests more frequently because that's the best indicator of whether the placenta is working properly to deliver oxygen to the babies. Also, the testing center has me at 30 weeks and a few days pregnant. So, that puts delivery in about 7 weeks. It would definitely be nice to have a bit more time to prepare, but I, of course, want my twins to be as healthy as possible.

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