The Twins Are So Big Now!

6:37:00 PM

I had my prenatal appointment this morning. I can't even begin to explain how relieved I am right now. The twins are doing great. They are so big now! Thank God! Amazingly I only managed to gain 4 pounds in the 10 weeks I haven't seen my OB. I felt like I was eating a lot, but when I think about it I mostly crave fruits and chicken. She said I was mostly stomach anyway, so the food is probably going straight to the babies. She didn't seem concerned about it though. I took a glucose test and they'll have my results this week. I told her about some itching I've been having on my arms and the pains in my back and hips. She recommended a belly band with suspender support for the pain. As for the itching, she said she wanted to test my liver function and bile acid levels. She said it's common in twin pregnancy for the liver to produce excess bile and this bile can make your arms, feet, and/or hands itch without a rash being present. I have to go to a special lab to get that done and then the results take about a week to come back. I'm praying that it's nothing. 

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Tomorrow, I have my anatomy scan. I am so excited!!!! Today, my OB tried to guess what the babies were again. She thinks Twin B is a boy and Twin A she was unsure of, but may be a girl. But, she said don't go buying anything just yet. She said that the scan tomorrow will be much more detailed and accurate. Twin A's head is already facing downwards and Twin B is breeched. We talked about delivery options with twins. She said that if A is head down, then I can have a vaginal delivery. They will then check to see whether B is still breeched or turned on his own. If B is still breeched and my water hasn't broken for B yet, they will try to manually turn B so the head is facing down. She said it's their policy not to break the water right away to allow the baby to turn on its own. But, if B is still breeched and my water has broken or they can't turn B then I will have a c-section. Either way, I will be giving birth in an operating room, just in case of emergencies. She said that sometimes twins can be born minutes apart or hours apart. They have to wait for the contractions to start again. So, if it seems to be taking a long time, you can go back in the normal delivery room and wait for the contractions to start and then get wheeled to the operating room again. Hopefully, they will be born minutes apart vaginally and naturally.

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