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We had a good weekend this weekend. We decided to fill out a rental application for the house. Even though we went there on a Saturday, it was still very quiet and peaceful. We saw a few couples on the golf course too. The landlord said he would have a decision by Monday or Tuesday. We're hoping it will be good news because we need to move asap. We intend to move in on the 15th of the month. So, the first month's rent would be pro-rated. My hubby and I wish we could just buy a house instead and not have to deal with renting, but it is what it is at this point. 

After we left the house, my hubby surprised us with a trip to Lancaster County. It was tons of fun. The kids went to the playground, shot hoops with their dad, and then we went miniature golfing. I didn't play, but I kept score for everyone. We got home kind of late, but it was worth it. I was swollen, of course, but I took a shower and relaxed as soon as I could. The next day my hubby wanted to go to the beach, but he decided it would be too much for me. I don't mind going on a day when it's not too hot since I can't go in the water. Sitting and baking on the sand will definitely be too much for me. Just walking would be a pain. 

So, I woke up this morning and saw that a decision has finally been made on my case regarding the sheriff sale. I haven't looked at it yet. I wanted to have breakfast and start my day before I looked at it. I really, really hope it's good news for us. We've been though so much anxiety and stress so far. I've been leaving it up to God because I know I am limited in what I can do and I've done everything I can. God is the only one who can change my circumstances. 

I just checked and the judge has decided to schedule a hearing for this Thursday at 10:00. I really hope that this resolves the case once and for all. 

On another note, I have a prenatal appointment tomorrow with my OB and then on the following day I have the anatomy scan. I am so excited about it. I can't wait! I just pray my babies and I are happy and healthy. 

We got approved for the apartment. Thank God! One less thing to focus on. Now, we have to start packing for a move date of August 15. We sign the lease this Wednesday and pick up the keys on Monday. I'm so happy that this is moving forward. Thank you, God!

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