So Much To Do

11:06:00 AM

So, I'm getting my labs done today for the bile acids test. I'm trying to squeeze in as much as I can do today, since I'll be busy most of next week packing, planning the move, and also working. It's going to be crazy. Two of my clients have become slow in communicating with me about their cases and then when shit hits the fan, they're like what can we do now. And this is after I warned them multiple times about what could happen if I didn't get the stuff I needed from them by a certain deadline. Sigh. So, now I have to figure out if there's any way to deal with the repercussions. But, really, I can't be more concerned about my clients' issues than they are. They have to work with me because I still need their consent to do certain things. 

Anyway, today I also have to go back to the post office and mail some stuff off. I'm frustrated about it because the post office claimed I didn't have enough postage. I checked at the counter and I did. But, since someone made a mistake, they marked the envelope with a sharpie, stamped it, and put a label across the recipient's address so I couldn't re-mail it while I was there. I had to come back home and prepare another envelope. It's just another thing that didn't go smoothly. We also need to get school supplies today and school shoes for the kids. I want to see what we can get from the stores before I order anything online. We can't do it next weekend because we'll be moving and the weekend after that is the last weekend before school starts. So, it has to be done today.

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