11:41:00 AM

My kids' room took forever to clean and organize yesterday for the move, and we're still not done. It was basically a junkyard with beds and dressers. I've already warned them that when we move it's their duty to clean their room and put things where they should go. I'm traumatized from the stuff I saw.  I. Can't. Even....

My hubby started tackling the kitchen last night. I was a little ALOT nervous about how he was going to organize things. Turns out he had no plans of organization. So, there were little supervisory moments here and there. I've refused to let him touch the desk or my files because I need to know where those things will be during and after the move. He's worried about me packing and doing too much because his job is an hour and a half away by train. He just wants me to sit, but I can't. We have so much to get done in time for the movers tomorrow. They're coming at noon and we have to get the Uhaul truck and any last minute items before then. Plus, if I let him just dump things in boxes, unpacking will be a nightmare. So, I promised him I would sit as much as I could today, but really I plan to get the majority of everything packed while he's at work. He needs to go to the house tonight and clean it from top to bottom anyway, so he doesn't have time tonight to really pack. He decided to drive into work today because he's so worried about me. He wanted a shorter commute just in case. I think I'll be fine though.

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