I'm In My Feelings

11:03:00 AM

I had my hearing this morning for the motion as well. It was very one-sided at first. I couldn't get a word in at all. The City attorney flat out lied and said my house was never listed for sheriff sale. WTF? 

I'm glad she said that on record though because I will be using it for the ethics violation that I plan to file against her. The judge never asked me to respond so I just waited my turn, assuming I would eventually get one. Well, the attorney then goes on to say that my motion is moot based on the lie and the judge just agrees (!?!?!). So, I ask the judge if I can respond. The judge agrees. I said that the house was and still is listed for sheriff sale and then I try to offer my proof from the sheriff's office. As I'm talking, the attorney interrupts me and contradicts herself saying that the sheriff always lists properties for sale when there's a tax claim. (Um, but you just said it was never listed. Of course, I say this in my head and not out loud.) The judge says absolutely nothing. So, I continue offering my evidence again. Before I can even get three words out, the judge cuts me off and starts yelling that she doesn't want to hear anymore. So, I'm just standing there confused at this point because it doesn't seem like a hearing at all, and I'm not even sure what just made the judge upset.

Anyway, the city attorney then says that I never responded to the tax claim. So, I explained that I wasn't properly served so I couldn't respond, and the court already issued an order preventing me from filing an answer so I had to file a motion instead.   So the judge gets agitated again and says "you have to file an answer today" and to "go across the street and get it done." (Huh? Across the street?  Where exactly?) She then asks whether I work. Mind you, this was the first question the judge asked me. She never even asked me to respond to what the attorney alleged. What does my employment have to do with this case? I said yes, but I'm on maternity leave. She then asks if I can write (WTF?) and tells me to submit a handwritten Answer. So, I said I'm an attorney and I have access to the efile system. Suddenly, her whole demeanor changes. She becomes “nice” and tells me to have a seat. Even though I'm clearly pregnant, I had been standing since the beginning of the "hearing." She never once asked me to be seated, but as soon as I mentioned that I'm an attorney now all of a sudden, it's ok for me to be seated. She then starts inquiring about my field of practice and how long I've been practicing like she's so interested in my life. I answered her questions politely because I have respect for the court, but it was such a crazy experience. 

She then says I can file the answer in 10 days. WTF? Before she knew I was an attorney, I had to file it before the end of the day. That's so biased!!! She then decides to schedule a hearing for late September. The sheriff sale is scheduled for sale on Sept. 16, which means that my house would be sold by the time of the hearing. So, I ask whether I should refile my motion since the sheriff sale is scheduled for Sept. 16. She pauses and now begins to realize that my motion wasn't moot in the first fucking place. So, she “dismisses” my motion but still vacates her decree to sell the house, which is what my motion asked for in the first place. Shady!!! Of course, the city attorney wasn't happy and said that they wouldn't respond to my answer, but they would bring a witness to the hearing in September. I'm assuming the “witness” is the attorney's friend that inflated my taxes so a higher amount would be due than what they claimed. The attorney still doesn't know that she accidentally sent me the emails between her and her friend bad mouthing me and coming up with ways to increase the amount I owe. So, I had a win today, sort of. The order for the sheriff sale is vacated, but I still have to go to yet another hearing in front of this judge.

I'm still in my feelings over what transpired at the hearing. I have two main pet peeves – people that lie and people that judge a book based on its cover. I absolutely can't stand it. I'm trying to let it go, because, in the end, I technically got what I wanted. But, I know it's only because the judge got caught in her rush to dismiss my motion. It wasn't out of justice or fairness. So, it just feels odd. Anyway, I will work on filing my answer today and over the weekend. Since I feel kind of negative about this situation, I may just write a gratitude statement to get me through it. I did email a collection supervisor from the Revenue Department to see if I could settle this matter with them in the meantime. She seemed more receptive to (and definitely neutral) actually doing the research on my account. She provided me with a detailed letter of what she had found so far and actually asked me to send her any information I had which would help to resolve my issue. So, hopefully, we'll be able to figure this out together. Then, I can take my settlement agreement to court.

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My hips and back hurt so much, especially my left hip. I'm buying a belly band today with suspenders. Hopefully, it provides relief because I'm having trouble walking without pain. The twins are doing good! They're kicking and rolling all the time. I am so happy that they're healthy. I have to go and do the labs for the bile acids test. I may go today or tomorrow. I also have to start planning the move and getting supplies for that. I want to clean the new rental the day before we move in and also air it out. The landlord painted it, and it still has a lingering smell.

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