Heat Wave

2:08:00 PM

So, we're moved into our new place. I'm still tired. The movers were late and a heat wave started. But, we managed to still get everything done within a reasonable amount of time. My hubby wouldn't let me do much. But, from the little I did, my feet were swollen like something out of a cartoon. I have to remember to take more breaks and elevate my feet more often. We still have to clean out the old apartment before the end of the week. My hubby says he will take care of that. The new place is nice. I'm trying to maneuver around our boxes and bins. I finally got the bathroom in order. I started sorting out the kitchen and the kids' room today. Thankfully, my little boys have been quite helpful. They like the new house. They only wished that they had a larger or even separate rooms. I wish they did too, but hopefully we will only be here for one year and then buy a house. 

The heat wave continues this whole week. Last night, the central air stopped working. We had left our air conditioners at the old apartment since we have to clean it out this week. So, my hubby went to go get them last night. Thank God, because we were extremely hot! I figured it out this morning that the central air setup was on a schedule. So, I deleted it, or I hope I did and it seems to be cooling the place down again. It seems a bit wonky. 

The twins are doing good. I have another ultrasound and a non-stress test scheduled for tomorrow. I'm excited to see my babies again!

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