Goal Setting

11:25:00 AM

I'm trying to get excited about the move, but I'm just tired. Sleep has been escaping me lately. My hips and back are so sore and I get up every two hours now to use the bathroom. I realized last night that I only have 9 more weeks to go. Next week, I'll be officially 8 months. I'm trying to budget everything for the move, the nursery, our bills, etc.

It's amazing how relieved you can feel after you finish a large task that's just been looming over your head. I finally filed my Answer to the City's tax claim last night. For the first time since the hearing last week, I was able to not think about that situation. I was so upset about it that it was the first thing I would think about upon waking up. 

I've noticed lately that I've been handing everything over to God, if it overwhelms or annoys me. I don't have the energy for anymore stress right now. I'm just going to think positive and focus on what I want my future to look like and know that everything will work out somehow. I've been setting some goals that I'd like to accomplish after I have the twins. I want to focus on me and not lose myself to motherhood. I know that sounds selfish, but it isn't really. Of course, I'll continue to be the best mother I can be for my four kiddies. It's just that I don't want to look like a hot mess doing so, and I also don't want to give up on my goal of financial freedom for me and my family. So, I've been coming up with a few goals that I intend to accomplish within the next year that I believe will make me feel better about myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

Pray and meditate daily. I was doing a good job of this for a while, but lately I've been forgetting to do it. I want to make it routine for me. 

Exercise five days a week. I used to work out four days a week with my hubby, but once I got morning sickness and started getting larger with the twins I stopped exercising and so did my hubby. I want to start my workout routine again and also add Friday to the rotation for pilates and yoga. I also want to get my hubby to workout again seriously too. He'll try to find the shortest and easier routine to do and whine when we do a longer and more challenging routine. My goal is to make my family more fit. 

Update my appearance. I've been guilty of pretty much wearing a “mommy uniform” for quite a few years now. My hair is always in a ponytail and I'll wear jeans and a t-shirt or sweater depending on the time of year. I rarely wear skirts or dresses, and I never wear shorts. This needs to change. Also, I haven't been doing a good job recently of taking care of my hair. So, I want to start a hair journey and see what my results will be in a year. 

Be more productive. Lately, I've just been resting and letting our apartment go, in terms of cleaning, organizing, and cooking. I'm not usually like this, but I've just been so tired and sore that it's hard to keep up. When we move, I will have to enforce new rules for my family to follow. Because sometimes it seems I'm the only one who sees something on the floor, or that the trash needs to be emptied, or a spill on the counter. 

Create financial opportunities. Since I won't be accepting any new clients for a bit after I give birth, I will have to find another way to earn money. I don't know what I'll do just yet, but it will have to be something that I can do from home, isn't extremely time-consuming, and something that doesn't require too much mental expenditure. Maybe I'll finally finish my novels that I've been writing on or off for years. 

Meet more people. Now this one is something I know I should do, but I don't really feel confident about it yet. I'm actually pretty shy, so I'm not as outgoing as other people. I'm also a bit socially awkward because my mother didn't allow me to have friends or socialize when I was younger. So, it's difficult for me to just go out and make a new friend. I guess it's not difficult, but it just seems so weird to me. Besides that, I've had to let some of the friends I had go over the years as I had kids. I came to realize that some of them were immature or really just not good friends to me. I want to meet more genuine people, who are also influential and positive. 

Travel more. I really would like to travel with my hubby and the kids. I don't feel like waiting until the kids are older, the time is right, etc. I want to experience the world now. I'm hoping to be able to take the kids to Disney within a year and I'd also like to visit Hawaii and the US Virgin Islands too. My hubby hasn't accumulated a ton of vacation time yet, but he should within a year and I'm just looking forward to a nice vacation. 

Learn a new language. Last year, my hubby and I decided to learn French, but then we fell off. I want to actually complete the course with him.

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