Back to School Shopping

11:08:00 AM

What a weekend! We got the kids' school supplies, except for a few things we need to order online. I was in pain after all that walking around and traveling to and from stores. Usually, I do these things by myself, but my hubby came along since I'm pregnant. He was in for a shock! I don't think he realizes that most of the things I do are time-consuming and involve a lot of thought to plan out so I spend the least amount of money, even though I may have to travel a little farther to do so. For example, I've learned that in certain neighborhoods (that are mostly diverse or minorities are the majority), the prices for items are higher than in other neighborhoods (that are not diverse or the majority are white). It's incredibly unfair! Anyway, my hubby didn't feel like driving farther away to the Walmart we usually go to in order to save money. He decided that we should check the prices at a closer Walmart. Well, the price difference was huge. A pack of 8 Crayola crayons at that Walmart was being sold for $1.25. At the Walmart, we usually go to, the same pack of crayons was being sold for $.50. And that's how it was for everything that we needed. The first Walmart even had the nerve to say that the price had been “rolled back” from $1.75. It's ridiculous. So, we left and drove all the way to our usual Walmart. Now, most people would probably say that we shouldn't spend our money at Walmart then. But most stores (large, small, mom and pop stores and everything in between) are like that. I've even seen differences in dollar store prices, so it's not just big or popular corporations like Walmart. 

Anyway, today, we're going to get the keys to the house. My hubby wants to clean the bathrooms and the kitchen this evening so there will be less to do later on in the week. This week will be hectic, trying to pack and schedule the movers, the moving truck, and transferring utilities. Before, that I need to do some work for my clients and also file my answer to the city's tax claim. I have to remember to call my landlord about our moving too. When we moved in, we didn't have to pay last month's rent so we'll have to pay September's rent and have a move-out date of September 30, even though we'll be out way before then. I am looking forward to living in a house though instead of an apartment. We only share one side of the house with a neighbor, who I'm praying is very quiet or never home, and there's a golf course directly across the street. Luckily, it's the last house on a small one-way street, but we never have to worry about parking or using the street. The house has a total of three parking spaces, plus a garage in the back. We'll use the garage for storage, because it's too small for our minivan. But, we can still park in front of it or in one of the two parking spaces off to the side. It'll definitely making traveling easier for us, if we don't have to search for parking or get stuck on the one way street.

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