Wishful Thinking

4:07:00 PM

I'm still battling with fatigue. My eyelids are so heavy right now, but I can't take a nap. I have some work to do for a client. 

Anyway, we're still looking for somewhere to move to. I'm trying not to get anxious. I think it's best if we just rent for a year, while we continue to pay off debts and save for a hefty downpayment on a house. I feel like we shouldn't rush to buy a house in the limited time that we have. I want our house to be affordable, roomy, and in a good neighborhood, if those even exist anymore. Hopefully, in a year's time, we will have resolved all the issues with the house and sold it. The court still hasn't made a decision yet. I really hope that I win and I don't have to appeal. I've noticed a pattern though with this one particular judge. I don't believe she or her clerks really read the motions or case files. There have been numerous cases where a person has to appeal to a higher court and the higher court will reverse this judge's order because it was just so blatantly in error. So, I'm nervous about that. I wonder how many taxpayers haven't appealed their cases due to money, time, or intimidation and they would have won in the long run. That's unnerving!

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