Sheer Fatigue

5:51:00 PM

I've noticed lately that I've been falling asleep during the day just from sheer fatigue. It's crazy because I don't even remember falling asleep in the first place. I just wake up wishing I could just go right back to sleep. I wish I didn't have anything else to think about but my family. My client's cases are taking longer than I want them to. I don't have a decision on my motion yet. And we still haven't found a place to live yet. We drove around over the weekend and went to different neighborhoods to search for "For Rent" signs. Our internet searches were leading nowhere. We only found like two places. One place was $2000 a month and the other is $1200. I didn't want to go above $1000 but we may have to increase our budget. I just don't want to have to settle, but it's looking like I'll have no choice. We have to move pronto so we can start setting up the nursery.

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