Red Flags!

6:07:00 PM

Going to see the rental property was a complete waste of time! The person who showed the property was shady as fuck. He was cool at first. The place was too small for us, so we had reservations about how or if we could even make it work. He gave us a rental application and then demanded $1200 upfront as an application fee to show we were serious. WTF!?! Um, no. I told him that the fee was abnormal and we weren't going to pay it. He then said it was refundable if our credit checked out. Is he crazy? He can always say it didn't check out and then just keep the application fee. So, I asked him whether he was the owner of the property or if he was just showing it. He claimed he was the owner of the property. So, I asked him whether he had a license to rent the property. He said he didn't know what I was talking about. Red flag! I asked for his full name because I had already done my research to see who owns the property. He gives me the property owner's name and says he was just showing it. Um, why did you lie before? Red Flag! He then says that it's actually owned by a group. I ask for the group's name and he then says they're not incorporated but they're good landlords. Red Flag! Um, yeah, it was time to go. So the search continues.

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