Only 14 More Weeks!

4:05:00 PM

To say I am tired is an understatement. I still have 14 more weeks to go. I pray that the twins stay in their temporary home, for as long as possible. We still haven't found a place to move to yet. I don't know if we'll be able to buy or not. The rents are way too high in this area where we won't be able to save any money for a home purchase. We'd love to be able to just buy something. When I'll be able to sell my home is unknown at the moment. A decision has not been made yet on my case. I pray my motion is granted so that I don't have to appeal. I'm trying to stay positive because we could really use the profits from the sale to pay off debts and purchase a home. 

I had to take the car back to the dealership today so that they could give us new tires and do some detailing on the car. I wasn't feeling the car at first, but I must say it's growing on me. We decided on a Honda Odyssey. It's roomy and comfortable and I really like the automatic door and trunk openers. They are going to be a life saver, when I have to carry the twins in and out of the car. Anyway, I have to pick it back up tomorrow when it's ready.

I pray that we're able to move soon. I was going to ask our current landlord if he has any places to rent, but we don't want to pay him any more money considering that he knew all about our mail and packages being stolen and did nothing about it. It's best to just move on.

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