Mommy Will See You Soon

6:17:00 PM

My tummy is soooo huge. I'm 29 weeks and 1 day! My back ache has become severe, but I'm hanging in there. I have my glucose test this Saturday. I have to call and find out the lab hours since my doctor wants me to get it done in the lab instead of her office. That way I will have my results by the time I see her on Tuesday. And then finally, on Wednesday, I will have my anatomy scan. I am really looking forward to seeing the twins again. I'm sure my doctor will do an ultrasound in her office to check their heartbeats and position. I made an appointment earlier with my GI to come in and talk to him about my Humira, childbirth, and breastfeeding. I already stopped taking my Humira due to the insurance issue and so far I'm doing ok. I have occasional pains here and there and my BM has some mucus, but there's no blood or diarrhea. Thank God! As for the pains though, I'm not sure if they're braxton-hicks or not. Sometimes the pain is bearable and sometimes it isn't. But, then again, that's pretty normal for folks with ulcerative colitis. 

I scheduled another showing for a house outside of the City. It's not too far though and would still provide easy access to our doctors, the kids' school, etc. Hopefully, it works out. The pictures are nice online. For some reason, these houses have a smaller third bedroom, which is more of a den. Hopefully, it will due for a temporary nursery. My hope is that we will only be here for 1 year and buy our own home within that year.

I am trying to stay awake as I type this. I have to pick up my oldest son from camp in an hour. I have a lot of stuff to do that I've been letting pile up because 1) I'm exhausted and 2) I don't feel like dealing with all of these issues anymore. Yesterday, I got a letter from the Revenue Tax Department, pretty much stating that I owe them money. Their numbers were different from what the rude attorney and her friend in the Department tried to conjure up, but the numbers are still inaccurate. They're missing a $7000 payment that I made in person. On top of that, they're not acknowledging the fact that there's an administrative order from the Tax Review Board stating that they have to abate the penalties and interest. So, they're trying to apply my payments to penalties and interest, instead of just the principal.

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