Labor at 27 Weeks!?!

5:13:00 PM

Yesterday, we took our boys to the playground and there was a woman there with twins. They were 3 years old. I'm so huge now that people always ask me when am I due, with a nervous look on their faces like I'm just going to go into labor right in front of them. It always makes me giggle. Anyway, the lady overheard my conversation with another group of women and came over to congratulate me. She was so sweet and offered up really good advice on getting the twins to sleep and feed at the same time. She also said that she went into labor at 27 weeks (!?!?) and stayed in the hospital on bed rest for 8 weeks until she gave birth. I pray that my twins stay inside until at least 38 weeks. She attributes her early labor to a weak cervix. I haven't been keeping up with my prenatal appointments due to our insurance dilemma, so I can only pray that my cervix is still strong. I haven't been doing too much, and I try to rest as much as possible during the day. Other than the usual, aches and pains, I have noticed more swelling in my hands, feet, and ankles if I'm standing for too long. 

Today, we're going to head up to Lancaster County on a small road trip. We love it there. It's not expensive at all to do family activities. Our favorite restaurant is there too. They have an all-you-can-eat buffet option, that is cheap but always good. Plus, you pay for the kids based on their age. I think under 4 is free and 4 and up is like .50 per year or something like that. We always have a great time in Lancaster. It's one of those places where it's not too over the top with attractions and has a very laid back feel to it. 

My hubby is working on growing his credit. He doesn't have bad credit. He just no longer has any credit history. He paid off his student loans and any other debts well over 10 ten years ago. We always buy things with cash, so he doesn't have any debt. But, since we want to buy a house in the near future and get a good interest rate, he has to have some form of credit history. It's crazy how you're punished for not having any credit history. Anyway, he applied for a Discover Card, and we'll use it for groceries and pay it off in full every month. I'm not sure if he'll need to apply for another card or if that will be enough to get approved for a loan. But, I figure one year of timely payments and his income level should help with the interest rate. Plus, renting for a year will allow us to build our savings and a sizable downpayment. Hopefully, we will also be able to sell our home within a year's time and use that to pay down my student loans.

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