Damage Control

5:27:00 PM

I'm supposed to meet with the heir today to get her sworn in. I just text her to see if she's still going to meet me there. She's stood me up before and I don't want to go all the way downtown and pay for parking just to be stood up again. 

Also, the City is trying to do damage control. My house wasn't sold at the sheriff sale yesterday. I saw that they gave it a new date of September 16. I'm still waiting on the court to make a decision. It was assigned to a judge on July 9. Usually, they take about two weeks or so to make a decision. I really hope the judge decides in my favor because I don't have the time or mental energy to deal with this anymore. If the decision is in my favor, I'll still have to wait to see whether the City decides to appeal before I can put the house up for sale. If it's not, then I'll have to try to work with the Revenue Department again to get my account fixed and I already know how that goes. So, I really need the judge to intervene and rule in my favor. And if the City tries to file another tax claim for the trumped up charges then I can provide the evidence I have that the one attorney has been lying. The Attorney emailed me claiming they had worked on my account and came up with a new figure that I allegedly owe now. But, what she doesn't know is that she accidentally sent me the chain of emails she was sending to a Revenue worker about me and my case. They appeared to know each other well based on the tone of the emails and the negative way she was describing me. She was basically telling the Revenue worker to add additional charges to my account (like for the sheriff sale that didn't happen) and also to apply some of my past tax payments to "fees" so that it would look like I hadn't paid my taxes on the City's computer. I guess the worker was a good friend of hers because she had no problem with the deception and said that they "might as well add in another sheriff sale charge." 

I haven't responded to her email yet with my proof, since it seems it's very easy for her to play with the numbers and make things up. So, I don't want to give her time to think of another lie based on my evidence. If it comes to it, I rather her put the trumped up charges in a legal filing and then nail her that way. I also fully intend to get the ethics committee involved once the case is over. I want to gather as much evidence of her wrongdoing as possible so that no one thinks I'm just being bitter. I'm not bitter. I just don't want anyone else going through what I've endured. 

I will say that I'll be so happy when this is all behind me and I have sold the house. We are still looking for a place to live that's in our budget, until we can buy our dream home. I like the area we're in because it's close to everything – the kids' school, parks and playgrounds, our church, my doctors, the market, etc. I know eventually we want to move out of the City and wouldn't buy another house here (not after what I'm going through with the City now), but we wouldn't mind renting in this area until everything has been resolved. 

So, the heir texts me 30 minutes before our scheduled meeting saying that she was on her way. I had texted her twice previously asking for confirmation that we're still meeting and also letting her know it would take me 30 minutes to get there so after a certain time I would be late. She didn't respond, until there was exactly 30 minutes left. Sigh. Anyway, I get there and the customer service rep tells us that we would have to go to another room to petition the opening of the estate because it's been over 21 years since the owners died. But, they started to enter the info on the computer and said that someone had already administered the estate in 2006. WTF!?!? So, the title company has been lying this whole time!

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