Approaching Sheriff Sale Date

5:16:00 PM

I haven't gotten a decision from the court yet, so that's currently up in the air. The motion was finally assigned on July 9. The sheriff sale is supposed to take place on July 15. The shady city attorney claimed that it was postponed in her email, but it's still listed for sheriff sale as of today. It's crazy that I'm even going through this with the house. I just pray that the judge rules in my favor so that I can move forward with selling the house. We definitely could use the money.

My hubby wants me to start making a list of all the baby gear that we need for the twins. I tried to get started, but looking at the price of everything, I got overwhelmed and felt really depressed. It's hard to get motivated to make the list when we need that money to move and we haven't sorted out our living situation yet. We haven't found anything in our budget that would be acceptable to us. We will have to settle again and live in conditions we vowed to never go back to again. The only up side is that we'll be able to save and grow our downpayment and also improve our credit and hopefully we will have sold the house to pay off some debts.

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