Twins Update

3:45:00 PM

I'm officially 24 weeks! My belly is HUGE! With all the issues we've been having lately, I've been dropping the ball on documenting my progress with the twins. I am so behind in my prenatal appointments so I can only pray for my babies to be healthy and strong right now. I can't wait until we get the insurance in August so I can reschedule the ultrasound appointment. It's more than a month away, but there's nothing we can do about it. Since my hubby is employed again, we don't qualify for anything but Cobra and paying $6000/month is out of the question for us. But, I know my babies will be okay. They have been kicking and moving much more now. I can also feel Twin A more now that my stomach and I guess this baby has gotten bigger. I can also tell that the twins are playing with each other. There are times when one twin will kick and stop. Then the other twin will kick and stop. And then the first twin will kick and stop again. This goes on for a few minutes a couple times of day. It's totally different from when they just kick and punch me randomly and spontaneously throughout the day and night.

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