Too Much Stress

12:55:00 PM

So, my hubby and I recently celebrated our anniversary. We couldn't do much, in terms of going out or buying gifts. Our son's birthday is this month so we want to be able to get him something nice, despite everything we've got going on. So, it was a very lowkey, but loving celebration. Thankfully, we have each other because life hasn't been too easy or fair for us recently.

The heir is MIA once again. The realtors are hounding me once again for updates. I just explained to them that the heir keeps standing me up. On top of that, the City filed a bogus lawsuit to sell the house at a sheriff sale for non-payment of taxes. I figured they would catch their mistake once I notified them that they were wrong, but they're actually going through with it and haven't dismissed the case. So, I have to defend myself. Thankfully, I don't have to hire an attorney for this as I already know how to handle this situation, but there will be court costs involved that I'll have to pay. 

Oh, and the Unemployment Compensation office wasn't going to pay my hubby for his first two weeks because they claimed he didn't file his claim. Um, if he didn't file, then why did he receive correspondence confirming that he filed when he did and also a follow up phone call from a UC representative stating that they needed more info? So, now, he had to file an appeal. Why is all this happening to us? 

My hubby went on an interview yesterday and he's at another one today. The one for today is way too far for us living here in the City. It's a 2 hour commute each way daily. They would have to provide a really awesome offer for us to consider moving that far.

We still don't know where we are going to end up moving yet. Everything is just up in the air right now and I'm trying not to let it get me down. I just had to cancel my ultrasound appointment for this Friday where we would have found out the genders of the twins. We've all been waiting so excitedly for this day and now because we no longer have insurance, we can't afford it. My boys will be disappointed because they were going to come with us and be a part of the experience. I have another prenatal visit next week. I haven't cancelled it yet, but will do so next week. We tried applying online for medical coverage through the state but their website wasn't working so we couldn't submit it. So, we have to send it via snail mail. Who knows when they will get to it and whether we'll even be approved. I feel like crying and I know all this stress can't be good for my pregnancy.

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