The Truth is Revealed

12:59:00 PM

My hubby finally got some good news. Well, sort of. Apparently, the job where my hubby would have to work 9 - 6 outside of the city (where he wouldn't get paid for lunch) wanted to make him an offer. But, they had to hire someone else in another department because apparently they're having issues with the product they're selling. Anyway, they said that it may take them a few days to a few weeks to come up with an offer, if it's still in their budget. So, my hubby is hesitant to work there and then have the company fail months down the line due to “budget issues.” But, at least, it is a "sort of-kind of" option. 

He also received an offer from the company that has the 2 hour commute each way daily. They have 100% paid benefits, but they're paying him $5,000 less than what he wanted. I'm just grateful we have an option. The only thing is that one of the former employees at my hubby's previous job, who also is helping on my hubby's side project, already works there. I don't have a problem with this employee other than the fact that he left my hubby to do all the work at the old job, even though he had nothing lined up. He just up and quit. But, other than that, he's okay. He's also married and values his vows.

Speaking of former employees, my hubby found out that his “partner” in the project has been working with the CEO all this time and pretending like he's down and out. No wonder he wanted to work full-time on the project without lining anything up. He was already working on the CEO's new business and then having my hubby do all the grunt work for the project. I'm glad my hubby finally saw the shadiness that I've been telling him about all along. This “partner” has even been lying to other workers to try to get them to “convince” my hubby to help with the CEO's fraudulent business. Yet, my hubby still hasn't been paid for his last two weeks of work nor for his bonus. Like, wtf?

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