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This weekend was so very busy for me. We celebrated Father's Day and my son's birthday, which fell on the same day this year. So, we spent Saturday during the day getting last minute stuff, going grocery shopping finally, and picking up shipments from the post office. My family loves when I bake cakes and make homemade ice cream for them, so I was busy in the kitchen Saturday evening making a strawberry shortcake for my son and a coconut cheesecake for my husband. I also made strawberry ice cream and grape nut ice cream. Then, on Sunday, my son wanted to go to IHOP for breakfast. Thankfully, my husband is working again so we could oblige him. Surprisingly, it wasn't as crowded as we thought it would be for Father's Day. So, we were able to get seated after about 10 minutes of waiting. Then, we went home and opened birthday presents and Father's Day gifts. 

Next, we headed to an afternoon movie to see Jurassic World. It was a good movie, however, I wished the rating was higher than PG-13. There was some cursing in there that I felt made the movie more appropriate for a PG-17 rating (s-word, s.o.b., etc.). If I had known, I would not have taken my boys to see the movie. It was just a sad reminder that society is letting kids grow up way too fast. We had a talk with our boys about the bad language in the movie and how they are never allowed to say those things. I want them to be better than me. When I'm pissed and they're not around, I curse ALOT! I'm constantly biting my tongue when they are around and some fuckery is going on.

After that, we had to head to the airport to pick up my mom. We ended up waiting there for almost two hours. So, that ate up a lot of our valuable time. We all went to dinner after. I was so tired by then, I could barely touch my food. After dropping my mom home, we decided that we would just do the cakes the following day. My ankles were swollen and my hips and thighs were so sore. I couldn't wait to take a shower and fall asleep. 

Thankfully, my mom has continued to let us borrow her car so my husband doesn't have to catch another bus before he takes the trains to work. He gets up at 5:15 now, but if he had to catch the bus, he would have to be out the house by 4:30. So, this works out better. He drives our car to the station and my mom's car is out front in case I need to go somewhere. My husband wanted to buy a bike to ride to the train station. I had to chuckle. He always mentions how he used to bike to work. Mind you, he was way more fit and his job was a lot closer to where he lived. The train station is about 20 minutes away by car. Plus, he would have to carry all of his techie equipment with him. My hubby complains about just doing prenatal yoga and cardio on youtube, and he's not the one who is pregnant with twins. So, rather than tell him that's he's out of shape and delusional, I just told him that we should wait to see where we are moving and how we don't have space to store a bike here. The kids have wanted bikes for a while now, but we don't have room. There's a basement here, but it's not secure and I don't want them to have their toys stolen. He seemed accepting of that, so far.

Anyway, I'm going to be 24 weeks this week. My hubby and I decided that we can't afford Cobra at this time. It was going to be almost $6000/month. We would only need it for July, but that's still a chunk of money that we don't want to spend. I'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. I was hoping my hubby would kind of step up and take concrete action, but he's slipping back into that 9-5 mentality again, where I pretty much do everything and then I have to tell him what to do. It's a bit frustrating to me because I just want him to do stuff without me having to tell him. Like, for instance, if you know we need to move or buy a car, then start researching areas where we can live or vehicles we should buy. I guess that's every wife's dream. Lol! 

So, I just got off the phone with the Revenue Department to see whether they fixed the errors on my account. Now, all of a sudden, they are saying that they don't have anything on my account showing that I made an agreement or payments. Like, wtf? When I went there on June 4, I saw it with my own two eyes because the rep showed me and then she spoke to her supervisor about it. They assured me they would forward my info to the Law Department to stop the sheriff sale and properly update my account. Now, another supervisor is saying the house is going up for sheriff sale if I don't pay 50% of the balance that they have, which is $50K+. How the fuck are they even getting a balance of $50,000+, when I pay my taxes?!?! See, this is the type of shit that just makes you want to quit and say fuck it. Now, they want me to go back down to the Revenue Department AGAIN and bring them my proof of payments AGAIN. I asked the supervisor what effect will that have since I already did that and now all of a sudden all of my information has “disappeared.”

The Law Department has until July 7 to respond to my motion, but the freaking sheriff sale takes place on that date. This leads me to believe that someone is fucking with my account. Because how the fuck did the Law Department get an order and sale date so fucking quickly!?! They served me on June 3 with the court papers. I started preparing an Answer because the papers stated that you must file an Answer within 15 days. But, on June 9, only six days later, the court issues an order against me!?!? WTF? 

I really could use a fucking miracle at this point! If only my belly wasn't so big, I would curl up into a ball!

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