I'm Too Pregnant For This

3:35:00 PM

So, today I get woken up bright and early by the same attorney from yesterday. This time she also has another attorney sitting in on the call. It's the same attorney that has been ignoring my emails and voicemails since February regarding the bogus lawsuit. That attorney starts off saying how she wants to “help me” and she's so “sorry” for not getting back in touch with me. She claims they were “working diligently” on my account with a supervisor from the Revenue Department and how she believes everything can be resolved in the next 30 days. Then, she dropped the bomb that I had to withdraw my motion first. Um, huh? She said that “if I withdraw my motion, then they would fix my account in a timely manner. But if I refused to withdraw my motion, then the City would be forced to respond to my motion and that would take time away from fixing my account and they wouldn't have time to resolve it until possibly November.” So, basically she was threatening me. 

I asked if she would be willing to put everything in writing because right now I have no confidence in her keeping her word since she had been ignoring me for months. She then accused me of trying to tie up the court's time. So, I reminded her that at the time I filed my motion, I received an order that the house was going to be sold so I was forced to respond. I didn't know whether the City was going to do the right thing or not at the time because no one was communicating directly with me from the law department. She then reiterated her threat and I told her that we could leave it to the judge to decide then. I wasn't letting her get to me and that was making her even more pissy to the point where she started yelling. I didn't respond in kind because I didn't feel like getting heated over foolishness. I know I was in the right, and the energy she was taking to get me to withdraw my motion is the same energy she could use to withdraw the tax claim now that she knows it's based on inaccurate information. It's even easier for the City because they don't have to pay to file documents with the court, but I do. 

When she finished her tantrum, I said that I didn't know how or why the tone of the conversation had taken such a negative turn and I was wondering whether it was something I said. I just want the City to fix my account so I can sell my house and not have to play these games. She then calmed down and said she wasn't angry she was just “disappointed that she had wasted 30 minutes of her time sympathizing with me and trying to help me but I won't withdraw my motion and now I'm forcing the City to not be able to help me.” I didn't even know how to respond to that. It's times like this where I wish I could record phone calls without a person's consent. Anyway, I told her that without something in writing I wouldn't withdraw it because it's the only reason why she's communicating with me now and the City is actually taking action. If I withdraw it, there's nothing to force them to continue to work on fixing my account in a timely manner. It will just be business as usual, while I have to wait to sell my house. She said she would be willing to serve as a point of contact with my realtors and keep us all in the loop regarding the situation, and she would email me with a timeline of when things could get done so that I could inform the realtors. 

Well, she emailed me a generic message just saying that the sheriff sale will be postponed and asking me to withdraw my motion. So, I emailed her back later asking about the timeline and whether she had a chance to ask the revenue department if 30 days was even a realistic time to get everything resolved on their end. I explained that I needed to respond to the buyer within two days. It was a polite email on my end and really simple and to the point. She responds: “With regards to withdrawing your motion - would you rather I spend 3 hours over the next week trying to get your account fixed? Or 3 hours responding to your motion? Even this email exchange is me spending time discussing your motion, rather than following up.” WTF!?!? Um, why is she being so rude and condescending? I'D RATHER YOU DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! How about that? 

But, I politely responded again just in case I have to use these emails in Court in the near future. I explained again why I needed the information that she agreed to send me and that I didn't realize it would take her three hours just to respond to my one question and follow up with the revenue department. I also asked her if it wasn't too much, could she be more professional in future correspondences between us because I hadn't done anything to warrant such disrespect and animosity. 

It's crazy how I'm being treated when I did everything I was supposed to do, which was pay my tax bills on time. Now, that my motion has exposed their errors, which they had ample time to fix in the past five months, they're making it out to seem like I just want to waste the court's time. I definitely can't take the risk of withdrawing my motion when there's an order in the dockets which says my house is to be put up for sheriff sale for money that I don't owe. And the City hasn't even acknowledged (in writing) that I don't owe this money. I'm so frustrated. I can't believe I have to deal with all this stress and I'm pregnant.

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