I Can't Wait Until August

3:04:00 PM

I finally finished my response to the City's bogus lawsuit. I had so many technical issues with it, but I feel relieved that I completed what I had to do. I'm just waiting on the court to accept it. Then, I'll see whether the City updates it system or not.

My husband got word about the health insurance. It won't start until August. So, we have to get Cobra or temporary insurance. We had applied for Chip and state insurance while he was unemployed, but now that the circumstances have changed we won't get approved for it. So, I just searched and saw that temporary insurance is out of the question. It doesn't cover prenatal care or pre-existing conditions, like my ulcerative colitis. So, it looks like we'll have to do Cobra until my hubby gets on the insurance at his job. It's going to be expensive though.

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