Wait, what?

12:52:00 PM

I feel much better today...mentally, at least. I had another night of bathroom trips, hip and thigh cramps/spasms, and tossing and turning. I'm so tired, but it's almost the weekend. 

My hubby finally got some good news. The job he interviewed with last week that has the inflexible hours from 9-6 asked him for references because they're interested in moving forward. Hopefully, they come up with a good offer and soon. We need the insurance and also the cash asap. He's not thrilled about the location or time for this job, and neither am I. I'm worried about having to deal with twin newborns while getting my older boys ready and chauffeuring them to and from school, especially in the winter. It's going to be crazy. When I had my second son, my hubby was working from home and he helped to take me and my son to both of our post-natal appointments. I remember going to quite a few actually, because I was still battling my ulcerative colitis flare. So, I'm just feeling a little worried about how every thing will work out because it's going to be just me. My hubby will be exhausted by the time he gets in, which will be close to the boys' bedtime. Then, the twins will probably not sleep through the night, just like their older brothers didn't. Anyway, one day at a time.

Last night, my hubby got a call from the unemployment office regarding his appeal. On the financial determination letter, they had a very low amount reported for his wages for 2014 and none for this year. So, he appealed and sent in his W-2 from last year and his paystubs for this year. Well, they called to say it wasn't a mistake and that because my husband made so much they have to put a cap on his unemployment compensation payments. So, they are only taking into consideration less than 40% of what he actually made.

WTF!?!? Where was that consideration when he was paying into the unemployment compensation insurance fund? They certainly didn't cap the payments he had to pay to them each and every paycheck for the entire year. So, yeah, we can't pay all of our bills on that. Hell, our budgeted grocery bill for the month is more and I coupon like crazy. 

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