That Damn Project...

12:47:00 PM

So, my hubby didn't get the job in the City, which would have been a good location. The only issue I have is that he told his project “partner” about the position as well and now his “partner” has an interview there. I'm like why did you tell him about the position because his “partner” hasn't once given him a job lead, but my hubby keeps giving him leads. All his “partner” is concerned about is the damn project and he keeps trying to get my hubby to do shit. Fuck that! The project isn't going to pay our bills or feed us. Yesterday, I wrote up some bills and we only have enough cash to last until July. I'm extremely worried about this, but I'm trying not to get stressed out. I wanted to rant yesterday when I saw my hubby IM-ing with his “partners” about the project. Like, we don't have time for that shit. So, I talked to my hubby about freelancing again. He's done it before when we were in a rut and needed cash. He's not too excited about it though. He says he wants to focus on finding a full-time gig with benefits. I agree with him about the benefits, but, at the same time, we need cash flow now and can't wait around for something to land. Plus, I think he believes that if he does the freelancing, he won't have time for the project and a full-time job search. To be honest, I wish his “partners” would decide to stop working on it so that he could focus. That's the only way he'll stop being obsessed with it. But, instead, they're using him to do the work (still no contracts in sight) while they get free leads. GTFOH!

He has a second interview tomorrow with a company in the boondocks. They said that they filled the one job he had applied for but wanted to talk to him again about a second position they think he's a good fit for. He doesn't really want to work there because it's so far away and the job is not flexible, 8-5 everyday. The commute is long by car and even longer by public transportation. We only have one car and when it's time for me to have the twins, it's going to be complicated. He's still waiting to hear back from another job he interviewed with last week. That one is much closer, but still outside the City. Plus, they don't pay you for lunch so you have to work 9-6. During the interview, the interviewer actually asked my hubby about his family life and if he had to choose between work and family, what would he do. Um, WTF!?! So, yeah, neither one is ideal for us. 

I sent him a freelance job that I saw today online. It's a remote full-time work-from-home position that offers benefits. Hopefully, he applies. He's prepping for his interview that he has tomorrow and also working on that damn project. All they're doing is coding, but none of them is willing to put anything in writing regarding this “partnership” and incorporating. I know my hubby has mentioned it to them on more than one occasion and they appear to be dragging their feet intentionally. I got a bad feeling about that, like they want to make him do the stuff they can't do and then stiff him, but one thing at a time. We need money!

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