Reality Check

11:32:00 AM

I wish I didn't have to worry about finances all the time. It must be so awesome to live a life where you have no debt and the option to do whatever you want whenever you want with your money. My hubby has four interviews lined up next week. I'm praying that something comes through for us. There's so much to think about and do before the twins arrive. This morning we had a talk about our finances. I'm the one who handles all the bank accounts, paying bills, and making financial plans and decisions. Sometimes, my hubby will have some input, but he mostly leaves it up to me 99% of the time. So, he doesn't really know the specifics of our situation, other than we're in debt, we've been dipping into our savings from time to time, and we need a massive influx of revenue. Like I said, he usually leaves everything to me, which can be overwhelming. 

However, recently, he and his “partners” were discussing incorporating the project finally and getting some contracts in place. I told my hubby that he should tell them upfront that he has no money to put towards business expenses because of our situation and to just be honest. He was saying he just wanted to know how much it was going to cost. So, I gave him an estimate if they were to do the work themselves. So, of course, my hubby starts questioning our finances. He has done this before. He'll make it seem like he's concerned because of the kids and monthly expenses, but really he just wants to fund a project. I just go through with the predictable routine because 1) I know we don't have it because my spreadsheets are always on point and 2) he's going to realize it too and get over it. 

It would be nice to be able to fund side projects, but the fact of the matter is that we have student loans, the kids' tuition, necessities, savings, emergency funds, and retirements/investments to prioritize before we can even think about spending money on a project that isn't making any money at the moment. Once he sees the bigger picture, he usually lets it go though. But, I always feel like “dude, are we really discussing this again?” He was under the impression that somehow we could stop putting extra money towards paying off the student loans and just save it. He never mentioned the project, but I know that's what he was thinking about (which is frustrating because we have twins on the way, he doesn't know what's going on with his current employment, and this project needs to be on a back burner until we have some stability). But, even if we didn't put the extra money towards the student loans, it would go towards the inevitable car payment and higher car insurance payments, since now we're going to need a minivan or SUV or towards higher rent or a mortgage. So, it's not as simple as he wants it to be.

I try to help where and when I can. We save money from me staying home with the kids after school on weekdays. So, I get most of my work done while they're at school. When I have clients, it's wonderful, but it's not always consistent. I would love to be able to fund my firm, but I just go with the flow. I recently got a phone call from someone else that needs my help. So, I'm grateful for the opportunity to make more money before the twins come. I know how hard it was to work from home with my other sons when they were born. I imagine it's going to be twice as hard with twins. I have some money now in the business account, but due to the uncertainty of my hubby's employment, I have to save it.

I always suggest to my hubby that he could do freelance coding for some quick cash. The tech field pays a lot and has so many opportunities for this that it would help us out. Actually, he has done it before, but then he would get sidetracked by a side project that never really panned out. I wish him luck with this current project, because who knows it could be the next big tech thing. But, until then, we still have to eat and live.

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