My Embarrassing Trip To The ER

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Fair Warning: This post definitely contains TMI and is not for those who can't handle talking about fecal matter, colons, and rectums! But, if you have ulcerative colitis and are pregnant and taking zofran, this may help you (and give you a good laugh).

The twins are doing really well, but I had some SEVERE constipation issues recently. At my last appointment, my OB told me that Zofran is known to constipate patients. My meds for my ulcerative colitis already constipate me so that the opposite effect doesn't happen. So, I figured I'm used to constipation anyway. Before I got pregnant, I actually was taking a laxative every weekend just to be able to go. But, since I've been pregnant, I'm going more regularly. (Yay, for poop! If you suffer from ulcerative colitis, you understand my excitement.) Well, my OB didn't mention that I could get FECAL IMPACTMENT and end up in the emergency room. What a painful and embarrassing experience!!!! 

Due to my ulcerative colitis, it takes a while for my fecal matter to drop into my colon and for me to get the urge to release it. So, on Wednesday last week, I started to feel like I had to go. I last had a bowel movement on Monday or Tuesday. By Saturday, the urge to release was starting to happen, but I couldn't get anything to come out. By Sunday, I was in extreme pain and I realized my poo was stuck!?!? Because I have ulcerative colitis and I'm also pregnant, I can't just take laxatives or use enemas or stool softeners without my GI's guidance. Stool softeners have caused ulcerative colitis flares for me in the past, and the laxative I was taking isn't safe for pregnant women. So, I called my GI and was told to try colace, which was stimulant-free and safe for pregnant women. It did absolutely nothing!

The fecal matter was just stuck...right there. It was torture!!! I couldn't sit on my butt and spent most of Sunday on my knees by the side of the bed or laying on my side. I got so desperate and wanted relief that I looked online for how to get immediate relief. I read about “manual removal” using coconut oil as a natural lubricant. Did I mention how desperate I was? Well, that didn't work because the fecal matter was like a large stone and just wouldn't budge. I figured the colace needed more time to work. By Monday morning, I felt like my rectum was going to explode. It had been enlarged or opened for well over 24 hours now. I was on the verge of tears and had to go to the ER. My hubby drove and I laid on my side in the back seat. I knew I was going to be embarrassed, but I was in so much pain that I didn't care. Hell, I was screaming that my ass was about to spontaneously explode as soon as I wobbled into the ER. I think they thought I was in labor and confused about where babies comes from. 

Anyway, the ER doctor was able to remove some of it after many painful attempts. Now, I've given birth twice naturally without pain meds both times and have dealt with the severe pains of ulcerative colitis in that area and this impactment was on that level. It was so bad that I was BEGGING for them to just put me to sleep, which is what they would have done if I wasn't pregnant. I started sweating profusely from the pain and the doctor was asking me to “bear down” as he pulled as if I was giving birth. Thank God, the doctor's hands were on the small side. It was CRAZY!!!! I just kept thinking is this real life right now!?!? Every time he pulled something out, it felt like shards of glass were ripping me apart. He couldn't reach all of it and I was so sore and ripping that he called my GI to ask whether they could attempt a Fleets enema for my situation. My GI gave the go ahead since the benefits outweighed the risks. So, I was given the enema and asked to hold it in for at least 30 minutes if I could. I only made it to 22 minutes and I went. It hurt so much I just wanted to be put under. 

I must say that my hubby is such a trooper. He was there with me the entire time and trying to talk me through it. Finally, I felt relieved. They did a heart rate check on the twins since my blood pressure had risen (for obvious reasons). The twins were perfectly fine and actually moving around. As for me, I'm still swollen and sore in that area two days later. Even my vaginal area is swollen. The first day all I could do is pee. But, my urine was cloudy and smelled like fecal matter, and it was very painful to pee. I'm hoping I didn't get a urinary tract infection. The ER doctor was really pulling and tugging in all directions so maybe some fecal matter got in my urethra. Anyway, I've been drinking more water and cranberry juice to try to help. So far, my pee has cleared and doesn't have the smell anymore. But, it still hurts really bad. I'm thinking I just need time to heal from the soreness. My next OB appointment is in two weeks and they always test my urine anyway. But, gosh, this was so scary! I've reduced my zofran down to one a day and I'm still taking one colace daily just to soften the stool so it doesn't hurt too much when I do inevitably go again. I pray that this never happens again in life! My goodness!!!!

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