Is This Really Happening?

11:43:00 AM

I feel a little blah today. I haven't been sleeping throughout the night and I'm just so tired. I have some client work that needs to get done today. We have a reception this evening to go to that's in honor of my son's scholarship. I have to cook dinner a bit earlier so that we can eat beforehand. I also have to hand wash my son's altar robe for church since he's serving again this Saturday. I really just want to take a nap though. 

Man, so much has happened at my hubby's job. Last Wednesday, someone changed the locks without notice or warning. Another employee called and emailed everyone to see what's up. Of course, none of the other employees knew what was going on, and the higher-ups were just ignoring emails and phone calls as usual. People still had their personal belongings there so the building manager let everyone in on Thursday. My hubby went because one employee had paid for a computer, and my hubby had to give her the right one. Well, when everyone arrived, there was a man there just watching. So, they asked who he was and he said he was there to help with closing the business. Well, they could have at least given the employees notice since apparently they knew when they were doing so. This man was an attorney from out of state that was hired to close up shop. Pretty shady considering he's not barred to practice in our state. I told my hubby to get his business card just in case we need to provide contact info for everyone involved in this shady mess. Anyway, the employees wanted to know whether they were going to get paid for the last two weeks and also how they could get unemployment compensation since they hadn't been officially laid off. The attorney claimed not to know anything about either situation, but said he would call someone to find out. He didn't seem to want to do that, so they employees were like they are not leaving until they get something in writing regarding the unemployment compensation. So, basically, if the employees had left without this information, no one would have given it to them. 

He then gives them some paperwork that would allow them to apply for unemployment compensation. Well, when my hubby tried to apply on the government website, it said the employer provided information was invalid. So, basically, they gave fake information to get the employees to leave. That is so fucked up! I don't know if the government will be able to verify with the company that they laid the employees off since they aren't returning phone calls or emails. As for the paychecks, everyone is going to file a loss wages claim with the City. However, considering that the company was taken over by an international company, I'm not sure if the City will be able to take any action. It just sucks so much because they owe my hubby about $10,000. And the international company has been ignoring the employees over here. When the building manager called to let them know that an employee was locked out and had made a request to get their stuff out of the office, the Officer from the international company said that they “had nothing to do with that office.” So, the building manager just agreed to let everyone in the following day because he felt bad. It's just all so terrible! So, I don't know how we'll be able to get Unemployment Compensation or the paychecks.

Anyway, my hubby had his interview on Friday. It sounded like it went well. It was the last one for this company, so I'm praying that they make an offer this week. He also has two other job interviews lined up this week, but they're both out of the City. So, we'll see what happens. I just pray that everything works out. I really don't want to have to collect unemployment compensation since we're trying to buy a house this summer and I don't think that will look good to the bank.

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